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Admittedly, I have taken a bath with all of my kids at some point up until they were about two.

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Not because I wanted them to infiltrate the only time that I had alone, but because it just seemed like the only way I could preserve time back then. I know a lot of moms who do this.

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As the kids become more aware of things and get curious about body parts, it makes things uncomfortable. So it eventually stops.

For some, it stops a little later. For me, two was the age where it felt as if they could start remembering these things.

Therefore, since society and my husband deemed it inappropriate, I made sure to stop. By three years old, I actually started locking the bathroom door.

They bang on the door until I get out of the tub and unlock it so they can ask me something that could have waited.

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My seven-year-old has now figured out how to take a penny and turn the bathroom lock to make her way in. I say all this to say that no matter how hard I have tried to cover up or shield them from my own nakedness, they have caught a glimpse here and there.

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I yell at them to shut the door. What is uncommon is posting a photo like that. Judgment awaits.

Is it a little weird? Should she have posted it on the internet for the world to see?

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Absolutely not. We've joined the BHM Digital family of websites and have ated our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

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My wife is a folk artist and there were many objects among our many collections for him to choose from - bottle-cap men, ceramic cars from Mexico, strings of red chile lights. He spun around and then pointed at me.

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I suppose, in retrospect, we paid far too much attention to an otherwise harmless word that I'm sure would have faded, like all the other sounds my son gives voice to during any given week. I'm a writer and high school teacher, so the music of the word alone grabbed me, not to mention its myriad meanings. I'd recently purchased a meat mallet, and couldn't stop using the term - saying it at home, in my classroom, in my car: Where is my meat mallet?

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Who stole my meat mallet? Have you met my meat mallet?

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For my wife, it was her love for all things taboo. A 2-year-old with that word in his mouth was deliciously naughty. Because we gave London the third degree over this one term, he soon realized its power and said it even more frequently than I mentioned my new flesh hammer.

A former student of mine, who is now in college, visited us one afternoon to tell us of her upcoming trip to the town of Hana on the Hawaiian island of Maui. The road to Hana is famous for its twists, turns, waterfalls, and potential for carsickness.

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Since we had experienced this firsthand during a vacation the summer before, we spoke of Hana in great and nauseating detail. London darted in and out of the living room during our chat and then sidled up to my student, the Thomas figure now replaced by Buzz Lightyear, and asked her, "Hana pussy?

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My student tried to be polite and asked London to repeat himself - which he did, but now with a more affirmative statement: "Hana pussy. Yes, Hana pussy.

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Its beauty is in the eye of the beholder. A simpleton would say that since London knows neither the profane meaning nor the feline meaning of the word, anyone who thinks he's uttering an obscenity is perverse - but hearing "pussy" out of context and out of a young boy's mouth, most people cannot help being offended, intrigued or both.

My older brother and his wife recently split up, and my sister-in-law is quite wounded from the separation and impending divorce.

I phoned her to offer my ear and, as is habit in my family, put my daughter on first to say hello and tell her aunt about her busy suburban life of spelling, tap dance and horseback riding. She then passed the telephone to her younger brother, who shouted enthusiastically into the receiver: "Hey, you big pussy!

I snatched the phone away, sending him into hysterics, and prepared to start the long explanation about "the word" and our fruitless investigation of its origin and subsequent embarrassment, but my sister-in-law snapped.

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London had evolved into a short, scurrying time bomb. My wife and I take our children everywhere, and London, loaded with that one lexical bullet, ticked along to birthday parties, various parks and playgrounds, and the grocery store.

And he lived up to Chekhov's rule of drama: If you have a shotgun in the first act, it has to go off in the second.

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