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When you pulled away from him your mouth was wet and you could see that his own lips, flushed red, also glistened with your saliva. You sighed dramatically wrapping your arms tightly around his neck.

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He let out a breathy laugh. Your body felt hot and tingly and you could tell your cheeks would be flushed red. You rolled your eyes. The sound echoed around the room as he pecked you back.

Pulling his mouth from you he grinned.

You could feel his entire body pressed against you; your breasts felt sensitive and delightful against his chest. His hands stopped their roaming and he held you still against him, his fingers splayed across your hips.

When his mouth returned to yours he was incredibly tender and you could feel the emotion in his lips.

You naturally moved together across the small living room and towards the narrow hallway which led to the single bedroom, your bodies only breaking apart to dodge the array of objects which littered the carpet and presented a tripping hazard; your ironing board, a half-filled basket of laundry, the television remote control on the floor.

Your bed was likewise a mess and, as you moved apart to your respective sides of the bed, you both leaned forward in unison to clear the duvet. He was much more careful than you; placing your pot of moisturiser, hairbrush and Stephen King paperback on your bedside table.

In contrast, you swiped through the jumble of items messily and knocked them deliberately and hastily onto the floor. There was a small clatter as something heavy hit the carpet. He followed from his side, balancing on his knees as he moved towards you. Reaching down beneath your covered knees, you roughly tugged the paisley patterned covers in an attempt to find the edge of the duvet.

You gave up after a moment, instead opting to lay on your back on top of the quilt.

Yoongi joined you and reached out for the sleeve of your jacket, running his hand along the black leather before curling his hand around the curve of your upper arm.

You flipped your head dramatically to look at his soft expression beneath his ruffled black hair, your eyes flickering from his pale, creamy skin to his covered chest. You smirked, finding yourself in your tipsiness unable to stop coming back around to the topic of his sweater.

He reached forward and eased the jacket from your shoulders. You allowed him to slip the sleeves down your arms and pull the fabric from your body but as he moved to discard the jacket on the bedroom floor, you found yourself clutching at it, suddenly worried that he was going to tell you he wanted it back for good.

It was just the alcohol, but the thought made you panic. He let go of the jacket and allowed you to take it back, watching as you pressed it against your body as though you were cradling a newborn baby.

You were silent for a few moments before you reached into one of the oversized pockets and brought out a packet of cigarettes and a disposable lighter Yoongi must have forgotten had been in there.

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You had not seen him smoke in over a month but knew his habit was sporadic and he could just as likely start again tomorrow. You allowed the black jacket to drop to the bedroom floor, your interest in the item forgotten now that your attention was fully fixed on the half-full packet of twenty. Yoongi watched you curiously from his side of the bed, resting on his side. You flipped open the packet and placed a cigarette between your lips, letting the cardboard box drop to the covers as you flopped back onto your back and focused your attention on the purple lighter in your hand.

You flicked your fingers against the small metal wheel a few times to create a spark. He took it and flipped it around before placing it back between your open, pouting lips.

You realised, belatedly, that you had put the wrong end in your mouth and had been about to set alight to the filter. You were an inexperienced smoker, having only tried on a handful of occasions during your university years, but had been suddenly overcome with the desire to get a reaction from him.

You reached up and lit the correct end, watching as a pillar of blue-grey smoke drifted towards the chipped white paint on the ceiling. He leaned over your body and caressed your lips with his fingertips before removing the cigarette. You had neglected to flick the ash from the end of the stick and a couple of inches protruded from the white paper.

Yoongi, cupping the cigarette between his thumb and index finger, took a drag before tapping it a couple of times against a ceramic dish on your bedside table.

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He moved back to his side of the bed as you watched him inhale and exhale a couple of times expertly, the nicotine hit clearly not having the same effect on him as it had on you. He glanced down at you, the cigarette pressed to his lips. He grinned.

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You reached up with your right hand and took it between your middle and forefinger, taking another drag. Smirking, you grd your right breast a little roughly with your spare hand. You felt your desire from earlier returning. You heard a stab of concern in his voice and smiled softly, suddenly losing interest in making him agitated and instead wanting nothing more than to feel his hands on your body.

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He let out a breathy sigh of relief. You had smoked it down to the filter. He reached back over you and stubbed the end out in the little ceramic pot before settling back down beside you and moving his hand to your thigh, rubbing gently along the denim of your jeans. You shifted onto your side and faced away from him, reaching for the metal button of your jeans and quickly unclasping them, tugging down the waistband to reveal your black panties.

Now, you finally felt his hands against your skin as he massaged your bottom with his bony fingers, kneading the soft flesh leisurely as you let out a soft moan. You could hear a trance of humour in his voice and smiled. Your body still buzzed pleasantly with the effects of the beer. You reached backwards, reaching for him, wanting to hold him. Your hand brushed his bulge. Followed him there and. we fucked until we passed out. I lost track of time. woke up the next morning, unintentionally stayed over.

He rolled over and started kissing me. we fucked more. A shower was needed, he filled the bathtub and had us sit in there.

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he held me and we talked. Then we stood for a shower and he scrubbed my body. He washed every bit of me. We got out he bent me over his bed and we fucked once more before I had to go. We stood at my car again, so hard to leave. Here I am laying in bed replaying it all in my head.

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Bruises, and he left me sore. And it was just lovely. Best part? Frankly my ex boyfriend can go fuck himself. I was doing just fine before he came along and fed me a bunch of bullshit.

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