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It can allow more air circulation, lower the risk for infections, and even help with sperm production and fertility. But more importantly, going commando just feels good!

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Go ahead and strip off those boxers or briefs-just make sure you follow these rules first. Chafing can haunt you no matter what you wear yes, even baggy pants can be trouble. Related: 6 Ways to Prevent Chafing. This can cause painful skin irritation.

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So before you go commando, apply a thin layer of baby powder or petroleum jelly to your groin. Gohara says. Thinking ahead of time can also spare you some pain. Before going to bed, apply a moisturizing cream to promote skin healing overnight as well as prevent any chafing for the next day, according to dermatologist Hadley King, M. And fungi love to hang in warm, humid environments-just like the inside of your pants when your balls are sweating all over them.

Jock itch can be pretty uncomfortable and awkward to deal with. To fight off fungikeep your boys dry with just a sprinkle of baby powder in the morning. If it gets too annoying, use a prescription antifungal wash to clean the area and finish off with an antifungal cream.

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But most importantly, regularly wash your pants. Which brings us to our next rule:.

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If you normally wear a pair of pants four times before washing them, dial that down to just two. Going commando will cut your wear-to-cleaning cycle in half, says David Burrows, cofounder of the app-based dry-cleaning service Laundri. When fabric sits directly next to your skin, it makes your pants dirtier-and smellier-faster.

If you wear dry clean-only fabrics like wool, this can get pricey, says Burrows. Pants made from heavier, thicker fabrics can usually last longer between washes than lighter, thinner pants, he says.

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Although the thought is pretty gross, your underwear soaks up the sweat in your crotch area that gathers throughout the day. These stains are more visible on lighter fabrics and colors, like khakis, he says. Related: How to Stop Sweating So Much. Skinny-cut pants, especially those made from heavier fabrics like denim, may cut into your crotch when you sit down, says Singleton.

The reasons why aren't entirely clear, and research on sports hazing rarely addresses these assaults in depth. But players, perhaps influenced by sexualized pop culture, seem to be trying to one-up what was done to them, experts say.

Although many of the cases AP identified included anal penetration, grabbing crotches or grinding genitals into teammates, those who often first learn of incidents - coaches, school officials - routinely characterize them as hazing, bullying or initiations.

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People don't want to think kids could act that way and chalk it up to jock behavior, said Danielle Rogers, who in prosecuted locker-room assaults by three athletes in Hardin, Missouri. Because of that mislabeling, such cases don't always show up in state education records or federal crime data as sexual assault, and no one specifically tracks or catalogs them in a systemic way.

School districts frequently won't divulge information about attacks, fighting public records requests or declining to answer basic questions.

Sometimes that's because they're trying to be sensitive to students. Other times, experts say, it's about protecting school image.

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In the Georgia case, a draft public statement from the Gwinnett County Public Schools initially said a player's family had reported he was "sexually assaulted," according to records AP obtained. But the final version referred only to "inappropriate physical contact. Months later, after several upperclassmen were disciplined in part for sexual battery or aggravated sexual battery, the district shared the public statement that described the ordeal as "hazing.

Officials argued they didn't have to report the incident in data the state collects on school violence because it happened in the summer.

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The Georgia Department of Education told AP the district was wrong and would need to correct its filing. Georgia school administrators were not alone in their toned-down language.

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In South Carolina, where the baseball tournament was held, police logged the incident as a "possible hazing" and "simple assault," despite its own report saying a freshman's father alleged players "sexually violated two other boys. Coaches serve as parental figures in many schools and communities, especially where sports are a source of civic pride.

They are entrusted with the care of players at night, on weekends and during out-of-town trips. They call teams "family. While many live up to that image, coaches in several cases AP examined fostered the opportunity for misconduct through poor supervision.

Some coaches became aware of misbehavior but treated it as a team disciplinary matter.

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Others failed to do anything. Then there's a December case involving a Tennessee basketball team, investigated jointly by the prosecutor's and sheriff's offices in Chattanooga, along with an outside review the Hamilton County school district commissioned. The law enforcement report shows that a freshman confided to a coach that upperclassmen had sexually assaulted him and others with a pool cue in a cabin during an out-of-town tournament trip.

Despite that warning, the upperclassmen continued unchecked. Two went on to pin another boy face down on a bed as a third thrust a pool cue into his rectum, shredding two layers of clothing and breaking off the tip inside him.

Other than a jock strap, these briefs are the closest you can get to wearing nothing-without looking like it. ($18, Calvin Klein. 5 of 7. Calvin Klein. These are called the Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins Variations: The medical complaint that causes the student to visit the doctor varies (e.g., rectal soreness, severe headaches, sluggishness). The manner in which the student learns the truth about Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins NEIL PATRICK HARRIS. Image. Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty. While hosting the Oscars, Harris stripped down to his underwear during a segment that paid homage to Whiplash and Birdman (which

The coaches, who were elsewhere in the cabin, heard him scream and drove him to a hospital after seeing him bleeding. A nurse, not the coaches, contacted authorities.

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Back at the cabin, the head coach's wife cleaned up and threw the boy's soiled clothing into a garbage can, "essentially erasing evidence of the crime," investigators said. The head coach called the boy's mother but "grossly minimized" his condition, so she allowed her son to remain with the team, authorities said.

After his discharge from the hospital, the boy returned to the cabin, collapsed and had to be rushed into emergency surgery to repair a damaged bladder, colon and rectal wall. The head coach instructed players at some point to keep quiet, investigators found. No school official - including an athletic director, principal, assistant superintendent and superintendent - immediately called other parents.

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Another victim's mother found out the next day only because she called a coach to find out how the Ooltewah High School team's game went. The head coach and other school officials said in legal responses they didn't know about the violence or seek to withhold information from parents.

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The coach and his wife, who was not charged, did not respond to messages. While the accused attackers were ultimately prosecuted, the adults ultimately escaped prosecution.

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A judge ruled that the failure-to-report laws didn't apply in player-on-player abuse, a gap that some state legislators want to close. And while coaches in the Tennessee, Florida, Texas and New Mexico cases lost their jobs, some returned to work elsewhere.

In my latter teen years I was at a skate rink with a friend, and some girl I had met maybe an hour before came up behind me and did the hug-from-behind thing and whispered stuff in my ear Surveys show that between 5and 7of men don't wear underwear at all. And they just might be onto something because going commando can definitely be beneficial. It can allow more air The Hidden Dangers of Male Modeling. Many models complain of inappropriate touching and sexual advances by photographers, casting agents, editors and fashion designers. Nico Stipcianos/FilmMagic

For instance, the Texas basketball coach - from the Dallas suburb of Flower Mound - is now at a private school. Charles Freet told AP that remarks he and his assistant made at the time "accurately explain what occurred and I have nothing more to add.

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In many ways, what happened among high school basketball players in Leechburg, Pennsylvania, a small town outside Pittsburgh, is a microcosm of the problem. Some Leechburg players were sodomizing teammates with a phallic-shaped piece of wood they called a "yoshi" stick, records and interviews show.

If someone goofed in practice, players would yell, "You're getting yoshied!

Origin. In October , viral entertainment web sites such as published articles positing that two burglars had been sodomized for five straight days after they broke into the house of In one instance, on Jan. 12, , several teammates held the boy down and raped him with a flashlight, according to the lawsuit. In another, at the Navarro High School gym on Jan. 20, , Doe Although many of the cases AP identified included anal penetration, grabbing crotches or grinding genitals into teammates, those who often first learn of incidents - coaches, school officials

After two boys' parents complained in Januarythe school investigated for half a day and the principal sent a one-page letter saying the boys simply were "harassed by three varsity players with a wooden stick. Someone alerted authorities, and Leechburg police soon said they had unraveled additional assaults dating back 10 years.

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In MarchChief Michael Diebold announced "there may have been catastrophic failure within the school district. Diebold said Pennsylvania's hazing law also wasn't available because it applied only to colleges at the time.

He decided to leave the case open should a witness or other victim come forward. Lack of serious consequences can raise doubts about allegations that already have been mislabeled by schools or coaches, said Susan Lipkins, a New York psychologist and author who specializes in sports attacks.

And that can lead to backlash against victims, she noted, with communities uniting behind coaches or accused players. The parents of one of the targeted Leechburg boys said his family is now afraid to dine out in public because of blowback.

Meanwhile, Leechburg Coach Damian Davies eventually lost his position, but many fans, parents and former players rallied in his support.

He remains a teacher and unpaid coach for girls' basketball and has sued the district for a copy of its internal investigative report, which he believes will clear him.

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