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After being put on the same tribe during Season 8, "Romber" formed an unbreakable alliance early into the game and " Boston Rob " just couldn't help but smile when in Amber's company.

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Though he was known for being cocky and outspoken, Rob showed a much softer side around his girl. Together, the power couple went all the way to the Final 2 and, in the end, Amber was declared the Sole Survivor in a jury vote.

Rob won in another way, though-in the live season finale, Rob got down on one knee to propose and Amber said, "Yes! Later, Rob returned to Survivor and won Redemption Island. Plus, over the past 10 years of their relationship, the couple welcomed four beautiful girls into the world.

Watch Season 8 of Survivor on CBS All Access to see how Amber Brkich and Rob Mariano first met. Whitney Duncan and Keith Tollefson First together: Survivor: South PacificSeason 23 Current status: Married Back insparks flew when this ultra-attractive pair met in Samoa, realized they could work together under the toughest of conditions, and, soon enough, the bond between the country-music songstress and the water treatment tech transformed into a romantic one.

Following their Survivor journey, the couple was asked to join The Amazing Racewhich pushed their impeding wedding plans further back so they could take on yet another adventure together.

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They eventually married in July Watch Season 23 of Survivor on CBS All Access to see how Whitney Duncan and Keith Tollefson first met. Erik Huffman and Jaime Dugan-Huffman First together: Survivor: ChinaSeason 15 Current status: Married with one son, Harper During Season 15, Erik and Jaime met when they were placed in the Zhan Hu Tribe together, but it wasn't until Day 13 that they revealed more about their personal lives and professed to having budding romantic feelings for each other.

Later, when Erik trusted Jaime with the reason behind why he was a virgin, Jaime confided in him about her Hidden Immunity Idol. Both castaways didn't last past the merge, but that didn't stop them from continuing their relationship IRL. After dating for some time, the couple married in and, a year later, brought a child into the world. To this day, Jaime still believes that the reason her husband fell in love with her was because she used to give him her extra snails to eat instead of throwing them back into the water.

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Watch Season 15 of Survivor on CBS All Access to see how Erik Huffman and Jaime Duggan-Huffman first met. Colleen Haskell and Greg Buis First together: Survivor: BorneoSeason 1 Current status: No longer together Survivor sweetheart Colleen and wacky journeyman Greg will always be a fan-favorite showmance. Their chemistry popped off the screen almost instantaneously and the innocence seen within their relationship-from galavanting in the woods to singing campfire songs-highlighted the pure sweetness these two shared.

Fellow castaways began to speculate when the two often skipped off to be alone, but Greg assured them they were just pals who understood each other's senses of humor.

Although this showmance didn't last beyond the show, they still remain one of the cutest duos in Survivor history. Watch Season 1 of Survivor on CBS All Access to see how Colleen Haskell and Greg Buis first met.

Jenna Morasca and Ethan Zohn First together: Survivor: All StarsSeason 8 Current status: Broke up in after 10 years of dating Before opening up about their relationship on Survivor: All StarsJenna and Ethan had already proven they had what it took to win the title of Sole Survivor-she won Survivor: Amazon and he took Survivor: Africa.

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To this day, the power couple remains one of the show's most memorable showmances for all of the greatest joys and toughest challenges they faced together.

Jenna left Season 8 early to be with her mother, who was terminally ill with cancer, and it was something Ethan completely understood since he had lost his father to the disease. Following their romance together on the show, Jenna stuck close by Ethan as he navigated the challenges that came with having Hodgkin's Lymphoma Disease.

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Then, after 10 years of dating, this special couple ended their relationship. Watch Season 8 of Survivor on CBS All Access to see how Jenna Morasca and Ethan Zohn first met. Jerri Manthey and Benjamin "Coach" Wade First together: Survivor: Heroes Vs. VillainsSeason 20 Current status: No longer together During Season 20, Villains Tribe mates Coach and Jerri had their fellow castaways wondering about their relationship status when the two were caught cuddling on Day 1.

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Even though the event caused a stir at camp, the "Black Widow" and "Dragon Slayer" denied it and both voiced their concerns about getting into a showmance.

While the pair formed a close alliance, which took them far in the game, they feared playing together would ultimately hurt their chances of winning; therefore, they kept their distance, but still considered each another as their trustworthy counterpart. These two maybe have not been an official Survivor couple, but their relationship was fun to watch.

The Marianos are one of Survivor's most unforgettable love stories. After being put on the same tribe during Season 8, "Romber" formed an unbreakable alliance early into the game and "Boston Rob" just couldn't help but smile when in Amber's company. Though he was known for being cocky and outspoken, Rob showed a much softer side around his girl Hundreds of women have played the game of "Survivor," but who are the most drop-dead gorgeous of all time? We've narrowed down the list to the Top 20 sexiest females ever, so tour And what would your PSR (Primitive Survival Rating) be? Jonathan was a out of 10 and Alison was (their PSRs were upped to an respectively, by the end of the 21 days). I'd be Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins

Watch Season 20 of Survivor on CBS All Access to see how Jerri Manthey and Coach Wade first met. Amanda Kimmel and Ozzy Lusth First together: Survivor: MicronesiaSeason 16 Current status: No longer together It didn't take long for girl-next-door Amanda to admit her crush on the popular Survivor: Cook Island returnee, Ozzyand vice versa.

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The duo, who were part of the Favorites Team, later formed a four-person alliance with fellow showmancers, Parvati and James. When Amanda and Ozzy steamed up the small screen with an intense make-out session and a sexy shower scene, their relationship seemed to really be taking off.

These beautiful people include Kimmel, Jefra Bland Survivor: CagayanDanni Boatwright Survivor: GuatemalaYung "Woo" Hwang Survivor: CagayanSurvivor: CambodiaAngie Layton Survivor: Philippines. Gen XJaclyn Schultz Survivor: San Juan del SurSydney Wheeler Survivor: Tocantins and Michael Yerger Survivor: Ghost Island.

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You're welcome. Watch Survivor on CBS All Access: Try It For Free! After coming up short on Survivor: San Juan Del Sur and Survivor: Second ChanceWentworth is back in the game on Survivor: Edge of Extinction.

Despite failing to win, this paddleboard guru was no washout on Survivor: Nicaragua and Survivor: Caramoan. After falling short on Survivor: Worlds Apart and Survivor: CambodiaAnglim is hoping to score the ultimate pirate booty on Survivor: Edge of Extinction.

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The former Miss Montana USA pageant queen has tried, but failed to charm her way to titles on Survivor: ChinaSurvivor: Micronesia and Survivor: Heroes vs. Layton finished 16th on Survivor: Philippines. She had better luck at Miss Utah USA, where she claimed the title in This former NFL cornerback was in the red-hot zone on Survivor: Heroes vs.

Healers vs. He finished 15th. Seen here during Survivor: Cook IslandsShallow went on to win Survivor: Micronesiaplace second on Survivor: Heroes vs.

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They have one child together. This physical therapist showed good form on Survivor: Heroes vs. She finished 11th.

With the Kanu and Manu tribes having merged on the twisty Survivor: Edge of Extinction, things are heating up on the CBS reality-competition series. So, in other words, what else is new? Since the dawn of Survivor: Borneo, 37 seasons ago, the Jeff Probst-hosted, Emmy-winning franchise has been built on and around the concept of hotness: the locales, sure, and the contestants, definitely Hanna Hilton. Tall (5'8"), busty, and shapely blonde bombshell Hanna Hilton was born on October 31, in Brookville, Indiana. Hanna was a cheerleader in high school and worked part time at a local Dairy Queen in Connersville, Indiana. She was once married and 8. Michelle Yi - Survivor: Fiji. Michelle Yi won over the hearts of her fellow tribemates and the viewing public with her sunny yet quirky personality. She was the first contestant on the history of the show to create fire without the aid of a flint, using a pair of glasses to magnify the rays of the sun

Tenerelli, the second runner-up on Survivor: Redemption Islan has taken her swimwear-wearing talents to Instagram. Stunning audiences with her heart, the winner of Survivor: Amazon said goodbye to Survivor: All-Stars to be with her dying mother.

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This personal trainer flexed her muscle on Survivor: Australian Outback and Survivor: All-Starswhere she finished seventh, her personal best. It was no laughing matter when this Californian was the first to go on Survivor: Worlds Apart. Sure, this New Yorker graduated from Stanford, scored a law degree from Yale and won Survivor: Cook Islandsbut perhaps his most impressive accomplishment is looking this good in trunks.

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This former cheerleader for the San Francisco 49ers played for the Beauty tribe, natch, on Survivor: Cagayan. This Miss Michigan USA pageant queen competed with boyfriend and later husband Jon Misch on Survivor: San Juan del Surwhere she was the runner-up. In a non-shocking development.

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this Survivor: Ghost Island competitor is represented by two modeling agencies. Now a real-estate agent, DiLorenzo was a hot property on Survivor: Panama where she was the runner-upand Survivor: Heroes vs.

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Now an online host for PeopleBoehlke has had moments in the sun on Survivor: Game Changers, Survivor: Caramoan and Survivor: Redemption Island. This Texan lit up Survivor: Ghost Island -until she was eliminated. She finished 12th.

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