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My kids were born with that fine covering of lanugo hair that is endearing at birth. They were all fluffy and just perfect. Over time, it fell out and faded but being naturally hairy beings, they soon started to take after both of their parents with thick hair growing all over.

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Yup, it's our fault. One was as fair as the Irish, the other not so fortunate.

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She developed the darker pigments of the European side. RELATED: Mum shaves her legs with sandpaper. As time went on, their hair started bothering them.

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The youngest was first to bring it up at eight, asking for her monobrow to be plucked. When she explained the taunting she was getting, I helped her out a little, mostly to avoid her walking the same line as I did, taking to my mum's tweezers and having 90s brows forever!

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Yep, sad fact. By the time the eldest was 11, she had a full monobrow, seriously fluffy underarms and, you guessed it, a pubic hair growth spurt that was uneven and quite frankly uncomfortable.

I asked if she was OK, thinking that she may have had a rash - or worse. But she took me into the bathroom, pulled down her undies and pointed.

With a huff, she stated, "Look! Now, I've not seen that area for a little while so my shock must have shown.

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It was there, it was thick and honestly, uncomfortably uneven. The poor kid had been dealing with a tuft of hair, so patchy and wiry it would have made me itch! I know we always think that our kids grow up overnight but I swear, that was like the blink of an eye!

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So, I did the only thing I knew to do. I grabbed the lady-clippers, gave a quick tutorial, then we clipped.

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Not once did it cross my mind that she was 'only' 11, nor did I think, 'well, no-ones going to see it, so it doesn't matter'.

My only thought was that she was uncomfy - and it was all brand new and pretty awkward to even bring it up in the first place.

Waxing for aesthetics or being so truly hung up on your looks that you're projecting an 'older beyond their years' approach to our children is one thing. But simply removing uncomfortable new growth is a whole different matter. Puberty is a tough time for any kid and if I can make it that little more comfortable with a shaver and smile - I will.

And to 'that mum'. GO YOU! You did what you thought was best and you asked for the best brand that wasn't going to nip, clip or rip your child. Well done! LOL dolls ice water controversy. Is your toddler gifted?


Look for these telltale signs. Our daughter baths once a week.

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