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Having said that, I do think if she is going to do it then she is going to do it.

I was on the pill from aged 14 for my periods and I think it would be worth her going to the docs and going on it perhaps just incase. Also perhaps you could put some condoms in a box for her and give them to her. SARAH B In answer to lis01urb.

Well done you for being so open with your daughter, it is rare. I also have a 14 yr old daughter and dread what you are going through! I think you are going about it right and I think as long as she takes "on board" what you say she will make an "adult" decision. Good luck. Tweens and teens My 14 year old daughter refuses to go to school.

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Tweens and teens Would you let a 14 year old go? Firstly, I think that the fact that your daughter is willing to discuss this with you is fantastic! Not many 14 year olds would do that, you must have a great relationship.

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I can't give any advice that hasn't already been given, just express your concerns about sex at such a young age reminding her that it is illegal, as well but remember if she is intent on doing it, then she probably will.

So make sure she knows about the contraception available to her at her age. Good luck hunni xx.

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Can't find your answer? You must have a very open relationship that's fab. People are right when they say she is under the legal age of consent.

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It would only take a teacher at school to find out and they would inform the police which is a whole heap of trouble nobody needs. Thanx so much for all your help. its given me plenty to discuss with her. I have arranged an evening with her tonight and my husband and son are making themself scarce.

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will let you know how it goes and thanx to all of you. I think you're going about it completely the right way!

Yay you My DD is nearly 11 and I so hope our relationship is the same as yours when she's We're close now and I try to be honest but we've not reached the teens yet, it could all change and that is scary! Tweens and teens 12 yr old daughter has had sex. Tweens and teens My 14 year old son has no friends. Tweens and teens 14 year old son refusing to go to school.

how lucky you and your dd are to have such an open and respectful relationship.

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I think the fact that you have this relationship that your dd feels comfortable to come to you about this is wonderful and shows her to be a fairly mature young woman, rather than just jumping in without any prior thought or planning.

I dread my dd being older, she is only 7 and still seems like my little baby girl but i really hope that when she is older we have as close and open a relationship. I would say the same as everyone else, make sure she has all the facts, and point out that her bf could be arrested.

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But then i guess as you say ultimately you want to be supportive. The idea of taking them both down to the family planning clinic is a good idea, make sure they're both safe.

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Good luck talking to your dd this evening, and who knows, maybe she will listen to your concerns and decide she wants to wait after all, good luck. I just hope my daughter is as sensible as yours when the time comes and comes to me first.

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Your obviously doing great as a Mum. I have odd religious beliefs that involve chastity before marriage, I have found when talking to the teenagers at church about it, it works not to point out the pregnancy and STDs they know that usually and feel invulnerable. What I find helps is talking about the positives of not having sex too early that usually generates a more useful discussion.

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I found that being chaste as a teen gave me a better relationship with boyfriends we needed to find other ways to have fun together, its easier to walk away if you have to or its not working out, There are others but would probably sound bonkers to a teenager who wasn't considering chastity, but if you can talk about the cts that will give her a better relationship with her boyfriend, and her own emotional growth its going to be more positive.

Can someone help? The second carries a depiction of the Virgin Mary.

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Each procession is named after the specific Jesus and Mary that adorn the floats i. Jesus De La Merced, Jesus El Peregrino, Jesus Del Milagro. Some last for 15 hours and cover many miles. ANDA - An enormous hand-crafted wooden float which weighs up to 8, pounds and is carried by up to people. These scenes are changed every year, but their meaning remains the same.

Some of the andas are antiques and some are new.

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Each church has their own own anda of varying sizes and the main characters from the andas Jesus, etc spend the rest of the year in niches in their home churches. The andas are lit during night processions when people push generators along the procession route behind the floats.

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