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I don't know. I'll figure something out after another shot of whiskey. smutswap ift. This overreach of control and micromanagement that's getting normalized fast on or way to Well, less explorers got to experience the place and take pics on their own terms, and access now inaccessiblep areas.

Personal Fun Fact written by my sister : It took me nearly 20 years to find this doll!


I started seeking her in my teens and had parts of the swimsuit for eons. The desire to possess her became particularly strong circawhen ogling her face in the Ultimate Barbie Book.

I finally found her on Mother's Day Shelly sniffed out a table of dolls some sort of weird doll radar she's got in an area that is typically a bust and she always can sense when we'll find something there.

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Most of the dolls were a total bust-naked or partly naked, sporting fat heads, having minor cosmetic flaws, and were dolls we already had or just weren't that into. To top things off? When I asked the price for Skipper, the guy wanted five bucks! She was one of the girls sporting a fat head and only had part of her bathing suit. But the guy seemed nice enough-he said he knew some were probably worth more than five, others not so much, and that he just didn't have the time to figure out what to charge for various ones.

Shelly wondered aloud if we should buy her.

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She pointed out that Skipper's neck was not visibly cracked she found out later that it had some slight cracks, but nothing bigso the body was useable. However, she also pointed out that Skipper only had half her bikini. I said I didn't mind that because I knew I had a whole bikini at home.

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The guy did help us look on the table for the rest of the bikini, but no luck. Anyway, she was especially woebegone. I figured I've paid five dollars for much worse when I was in my teens and gullible a lady sold me a broken doll for five bucks back in the day-and this was back when most people only wanted a dollar or two for a good doll!

and that Skipper's hair showed signs of great promise full, still very white. I also figured that she REALLY needed some love and that we could provide just that.

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The only other doll we found that day was my Creatable World, who I christened Hayden, and, on the ride home, I was far more taken with Hayden-and I noticed that Skipper had some pretty bad cosmetic damage to her feet. I was still really glad I bought her-I've been seeking her many years and I wasn't going to leave without her. By the time we got home though, I was feeling more for Skipper.

Poor, vulnerable Skipper, whose head I feared would fall out of my hand bag as we walked down the aisles at the flea market I checked every ten seconds to make sure she was still there! Poor Skipper who could probably tell I was more intrigued by Hayden in the car.

Poor Skipper with her sad little feet. I worried while we ate lunch that Oliver would take her head off the table and abuse her. I also started to get excited about the promise of Skipper-one of the most satisfying things about buying a thoroughly used doll is the transformative miracle.

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I knew Shelly would make her fabulous again! That Monday at work, my mind kept wandering to Skipper and whether or not her head was reattached to her body and whether or not she was sporting a nice, clean bikini. Also, I wondered about her hair and whether it came out as nice as I thought.

By Monday, Skipper was clean and recrimped-smelling delicious from the heat protectant.

Her head was back on. By Tuesday, the full miracle had taken place and she was in the bathing suit! She really does look every bit as fabulous as I'd hoped. She has substantial damage to her feet, including one area that Shelly had to purchase glue for, but it doesn't show much in photos. It took me a very long time to find her, but she was worth the wait!

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Quite Lovely Ice by Abbot Creative Photography Studio. Check Waiting until the servants are on their punctual weekend night off all on the same night Check Making sure the Lord and Mistress or taking the opportunity to go out that same evening Check On that night, cut through the woods that surround a small lake and carefully approach from the least visible side Check Sneak up underneath the second-floor stone patio. Check Pry open the glass door of the patio, and enter.

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Check Carefully open the chamber door. Check After scooping up and pocketing all of the plentiful shimmering beauties, leave the manor the same way I came in Check Upon reaching the stone terrace check below to make sure the coast is clear Che.? Some bloody bugger had gone and created a rewrite! No time to be wasted. I begin to hop over the stone railing, muttering to myself as I do so.

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I reach the ground, stopping to listen for any sign of discovery as I wait till my eyes totally re-adjusted to the glooming darkness Finally, I let my breath out. All is quiet, except for various the night chirps of unseen forest denizens. I cautiously look around. It was now a clear sky, with millions of twinkling clusters of stars. As I left, I made sure to lurk in the shadows to stay hidden from the unseen couple. But tonight, I broke that protocol sensing that haste was a necessary precaution.

Someone was giggling just ahead? I sneak my way in, and am quite glad at the discovery I now made!

I moved around to peer over the tall hedge where the garments lay discarded. Soon catching a glimpse of the lusting pair. Close Local your local region National.

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Responsive site? Report a Video Issue. Tourism concerns as COVID surges in the U. But the power of social media, with its high-gloss selfies and perpetual pressure towards cooler and sexier, increasingly forces the kids to deny their true feelings. So a tragedy runs its course, one in which it is almost impossible to differentiate between perpetrator and victim, guilt and innocence.

tragedy school facebook teenage girl teenage boy 21 more. Did you know Edit. Soundtracks The Meaning Of Life Written by Diego BaldenwegNora BaldenwegLionel Baldenweg Performed by Saltbay Courtesy of GREAT GARBO music. User reviews 4 Review. Top review.

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Happened to watch this film recently, and was quite impressed by it. Nice performances, great music and impressive narrative style. Definitely recommended. ShyamNTK Aug 19, Details Edit. Release date September 30, Switzerland.

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Official Facebook Official site. Swiss German German English French Turkish. Born Digital. Zurich, Switzerland. Technical specs Edit. Runtime 1h 32min. Related news. The Zurich Film Festival unveils its rich and varied line-up - Zurich Sep 13 Cineuropa - The Best of European Cinema.

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