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Detection range min. Sensor range max. Light type infrared, alternating light! Light source IRED! Angle of divergence approx. Diameter of the light spot 50 mm at mm sensor range! Operating mode Background suppression! Background evaluation! Approvals CE! Function display LED red: lights up, when output is active! Operating voltage No-load supply current mA! Signal output relay, 1 N.

Sensors for elevators. Response time 50 ms! De-energised delay approx. Standards EN ! EN without ENEN EN Ambient temperature Storage temperature Protection degree IP54!

Connection Fixed cable 5 m! Housing Luran! Optical face plastic! Mass 40 g! Sensors for automatic doors, even in buses and trains Mounting dimensions for swivel Mounting dimensions with mounting bracket set AIR Electrical connection Connection type.

YE Test YE Test YE Test fixed cable GY n. Note: Note: Test input can not Test input can not be used, if sensor be used, if sensor is supplied with is supplied with AC voltage!

AC voltage! Diagrams Sensors for elevators. AIRHW Difference in detection distance Characteristic response curve AIRHW Detection ranges AIRHW Detection field total field: mm x 80 mm! Sensors for industrial gates fire protection light barriers. Light source 12 x IRED! Teach-in time approx. Marking CE! Function display LED red: on for object detection, flashes during teaching phase! Operating elements Programmble switch for switching type, open time, detection field!

Power consumption 3 VA! Signal output Relay, 1 alternator! Switching voltage 38 V DC! Switching current 1 A at 24 V DC! De-energised delay ms! EN without ENEN !

EN ! Ambient temperature Mounting height Protection degree IP52! Material Housing ABS! Optical face PMMA! Mass approx. YE NC YE Test fixed cable GY NO GY n.

Timing diagram Proscan Initialization, teach-cycle. Power ON 1. Teach-cycle after after elapsing open time power-on the previous stored 2. center field: mm x 80 mm Light type infrared, alternating light! Signal output 1 pnp, short-circuit proof, protected from reverse polarity, open collector! Switching current mA! Connection Fixed cable 3 m, halogen-free, with ferrite core! Standard Optional version with swivel metal mounting bracket version with UP-installation frame. Sensors for automatic doors, even in buses and trains 42 9.

YE Test fixed cable GY n. Diameter of the light spot 75 x 75 mm by sensing range mm! Function display LED red! Operating elements Detection range adjuster, light-dark switch, changeover switch for mode of operation!

Switching voltage max. Response time 30 ms2 s after test! Length of housing L mm mm mm mm mm Mounting height max. Connection screw terminals!

Topscan Sensor AIR 16 End cap Alu-housing profile. Alu-housing profile. Sensors for automatic doors, Front cover. even in buses and trains Housing length The aluminum profile and the front Sensor AIR 16 cover can be easily adjusted to the required length by shortening on site. Clamps Adjuster for monitoring edge Adjuster for sensing range. Print holder Programming Receiver LED switch. Emitter m m Print holder acing ce nter sp Optics.

For housing length and number of beams, see Technical Data. Special length on request. Sensors for industrial gates fire protection light barriers additional sensors additional sensors. terminal compartment.

PIR20 Only one sensor needs to be connected here. Furthermore sensors are supplied and evaluated via flat cables. TOPSCANHS TOPSCANHS Detection ranges with Detection ranges background supression with background evaluation Object colour Object colour. black black. white white. Distance X [mm] Distance X [mm].

Effective detection range max. Detection field max. Function display LED red, illuminates upon detection! Operating display LED green! No-load supply current approx. Switching current 1A! Switch power max. De-energised delay 0. Mounting height max. Connection screw terminals, removable! Housing ABS, black! ABS, white! Optical face Plastic lens!

Mounting dimensions with mounting bracket Mounting dimensions for swivel. Sensors for automatic doors, even in buses and trains 23 56 29 YE NO. GY terminal compartment NC. Field dimension max. Field dimension min. Zoom Zoom 0 0. Zoom Pos. Features 8. Effective detection range Threshold detection range 3. Light source IRE nm! IRE nm! Optical face lateral! Ambient light limit Lux! Function display LED red in receiver : lights up, when receiving the light beam! Switching type dark ON!

light ON! Switching current max. Switching frequency 10 Hz! Response time 5 ms! Protection degree IP65! Connection Fixed cable mm! Fixed cable 6 m! Material Housing PMMAblack!

Mass per device g! Sensors for automatic doors, even in buses and trains Function indicator, LED red Transmitter. Option fixed cable. Emitter Emitter Emitter Emitter Emitter. Relative received light strength ML Characteristic response curve ML Relative received light strength ML29T Stability control Offset Y [mm] Stability control.

Threshold detection range 8.

[email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Antony,lifetimesolutions1,[email protected],Lifetime Solutions,NULL,"A, imfperu.comm Main Road, Sowripalayam, Coimbatore ",Poprietor,"About us: \r\n In today\x92s ever changing fast moving business environment, global village has been forced to ensure its safety and precautions against the lives, time and equipments.\r\n We are one of the Company URL Location Phone; A.M.L. Industries: Warren, OH ABP Induction:

Switching frequency Hz! Connection Plastic connector diameter 6. Sensors for automatic doors, even in buses and trains Function indication, LED red Transmitter 4 3.

Option plug M8, 4 pin. Emitter Emitter Emitter Emitter. Stability control Offset Y [mm]. Description For automatic gates up to 6 m in height and 14 m in width, we offer sensors which can reliably detect people and vehicles.

The housings are suited to the harsh environment by using appropriate protection classes and robust mounting accessories.

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For fire protection gates, our line includes specially certified and approved light barriers. These are for use in fire protection doors, gates, and shutters which normally remain open, but must be closed in case of fire. The German fire pro- tection regulations require monitoring with appropriate safety systems.

The technical challenge is to detect people in smoke reliably, despite the influ. Sensors for automatic doors, even in buses and trains ence of any smoke build-up. Sensors for industrial gates fire protection light barriers Type code Principle of operation Application areas Page. Threshold detection range 14 m with H85 reflector! Reflector distance 0. Light source LED! Light type red, alternating light nm! Diameter of the light spot approx. Angle of divergence 1 ! illuminates: when beam is free flashes: when level falls below function reserve off: when beam is interrupted Operating voltage Power consumption 0.

Switching voltage V AC! Switching frequency 7 Hz! Protection degree IP67! Connection terminal compartment! Housing Plastic ABS, flame resistant! Mass Sensors for automatic doors, even in buses and trains 11 5. Dovetail mount. LED-switch status. GY NO GY NO. GY NC GY NC. GY C GY C Option terminal compartment BU BU 24 V Relative received light strength RLK Characteristic response curve RLK Reflector type: Offset Y [mm] 2xH 80 mm x mm mm H85 C y.

H60 H 10 H 2xH Function display LED green: power on! LED red: object detection Operating elements Detection range setting, programming switch for time functions, time setting! Switching current 2A! Plastic M12 connector, 5-pin, without cable!

Material Housing Makrolon GV30! Optical face Hardened plastic lens! Mass g! Programming switch is visibly after decrease the cover 64 34 Sensors for automatic doors, Indication.

even in buses and trains LED green. Pg9 Sensing range adjuster. Option plug M12, 5 pin. x grey y. Diameter of the light spot mm at mm sensor range! Response time ms! are positively detected even in buses and trains. Angle of divergence emitter: 1.

Receiver: 4 Approvals CE! Tests Verband der Sachversicherer e. report: FSA ! Function display LED yellow, lights up with receiver lit! No-load supply current 40 mA! Switch power VA!

Switching frequency 25 Hz! Response time 20 ms! Material Sensors for elevators. Housing Makrolon GV20! Optical face glass! Mass emitter: approx. receiver: approx. Emitter Receiver. Sensors for automatic doors, 62 even in buses and trains Sensors for industrial gates fire protection light barriers Option Option Receiver Receiver.

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manufacture U Symbol even in buses and trains. Reference target H60 reflector! Light source LED, nm! Light type red, alternating light! Angle of divergence 1. USA UL! Kanada CSA! Operating display LED green, flashes in case of short-circuit! Function display 2 LEDs yellow, light up when light beam is free, flash when falling short of the stability control, off when light beam is inter-!

Ripple max. Protection class 2 in acc. with VDE! No-load supply current max. Signal output 1 NPN and 1 PNP output, direct switching, short-circuit proof, protected from reverse polarity, open collector!

Response time 10 ms! Control input Standards EN ! Connection connector, 5-pin with metal thread M12 x 1, may be rotated 90! Material Housing Frame: die-cast zinc, nickel-plated! Laterals: plastic PC, glass-fiber reinforced Optical face Plastic lens! Mass 60 g! even in buses and trains 2 5.

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MLV Characteristic response curve MLV Relative received light strength Offset Y [mm] RL Ordering code. Threshold detection range 3 m with C reflector! Reflector distance Light source LED with light controller!

rupted Operating elements sensitivity adjuster! No-load supply current 55 mA! Signal output 2 pnp outputs, antivalent, short-circuit proof, protected from reverse polarity, open collector! Response time 0. Timer function GAN, GAB, IAB, GAN-GAB, programmable!

adjustment range Material Housing GF17 plastic, fibre reinforced! Optical face Glass! Programming switch. Sensors for automatic doors, 4 Energising delay 5. even in buses and trains Off-delay. Pg11 M16 Sensors for industrial gates fire protection light barriers RL Description When operating elevators, it is necessary to prevent incoming or outgoing passengers from being touched or even injured by closing doors.

Besides their safety functionality, these products stand out due to their wide variety of simple installation possibilities.

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Sensors for automatic doors, even in buses and trains installation and service work much easier. For questions con- cerning ENwe would be happy to talk to you personally. The operation of our sensors using a power supply of VAC or VAC is possible with a PS1 power unit. Features 5. Threshold detection range mm! Light type infrared, nm! Number of beams Beam spacing lower range: 20 mm!

upper range: 44 mm lower range: 40 mm! upper range: 88 mm Field height mm! Tuning-out of beam Defective beams are faded out after 60 s. Deactivation of the light grid upon failure of 2 adjacent beams or more than! Function display 7-segment display in receiver! display function can be activated: switching status, self test and alignment aid Operating voltage Signal output 1 PNP and 1 NPN, short-circuit proof!

Standards ENEN! Connection 5 m fixed cable appropriate for conveyor chains, according to UL E, V rated insulation voltage, 90 C! Housing aluminium! Profile width 12 mm! Mass g device! and AL of 7-segment display at mm. Sensors for automatic doors, even in buses and trains Pos. Aluminum Aluminum profile 12 mm profile 16 mm Detail X. Don't leave test input floating! Quintuple criss-cross:1 receiver analyses AL switching type is also selected.

The LED shows the light rays of 5 emitters. Keypad possibly touch panel mm x mm at mm sensor range! Light source 3 x IRED! Light spot representation 43 mm x 43 mm at mm! Light receiver 1 or 2 photo diode arrays! Operating elements sensing range adjuster! Power consumption 2. Connection Connector, with 2 m cable connector!

Material Housing Makrolon GV30 black! Optical face Glass, red! view A. VISOLUX even in buses and trains 64 2x o4. Sensors for industrial gates fire protection light barriers Option -H Size of detection Size of detection Size of detection field field field FLT adjusted detection range.

detection field detection field. background background background. Detection field size versus adjusted detection range: Detection field size versus adjusted detction range: Detection field size versus adjusted detection range:. field detection field size spot size detect. range detection field size spot size detect.

Operating mode Background evaluation! Light receiver 2 photo diode arrays! Housing Makrolon GV30 black! FLTHWCLS Ordering code. Light source 4 IRED! Function display 2 LEDs red, light up in case of detection! No-load supply current 60 mA! Signal output 2 pulse outputs pnp, short-circuit proof, open collectors!

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Switching type light ON! Switching frequency 3 Hz! Sensors for industrial gates fire protection light barriers Option CLS. a: direction of motion 1 b: direction of motion 2. field 1. light line background Output 1: 40 ms pulse when direction of motion 1. Output 2: 40 ms pulse when direction of motion 2. Threshold detection range 7 m with H85 reflector! Kanada UL! Function display LED red, flashes when falling short of the stability control!

Power consumption 12 VA! Signal output Weak current relay, 1 alternator! Connection 5 m fixed cable! Material Housing Luran! Sensors for automatic doors, even in buses and trains 8. M4; 8 deep. WH Q2 BK C WH Q2 BK C Option fixed cable GY n.

WH NO GY n. WH NO. Characteristic response curve RL K Relative received light strength RL K Offset Y [mm] Reflector type: H85 80 mm x 80 mm mm 8. H60 H60 H y. F H F Threshold detection range 9 m with H85 reflector!

Optical face Luran! WH Q2 BK C BK C WH Q2 BK C BK C Option fixed cable GY n. WH NO WH NO. RL K Characteristic response curve Relative received light strength RL K Offset Y [mm] Reflector type: H85 80 mm x 80 mm 0 mm 9.

H60 H60 H H y. F F Function display LED green: power on according to safety! LED yellow: switching state, lights up for energized relay Operating elements fold programming switch for timer functions and switching type! Power consumption 5 VA 0. Switching frequency 20 Hz! Timer function GAN, GAB, GAN-GAB, 0. Other outputs Light beam switches-power supply 24 VDC, max.

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A mother who gave up her son for adoption 30 years ago now says she's in love with him and has revealed the couple are trying for a baby together. Kim West Identification Systems. Edition / Identification Systems - References. As an example, some typical applications of renowned manufacturers are mentioned. Food industry: Ha Optical Door Sensors - Free download as File .), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Manual

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PTB 03 ATEX , for additional certificates see [EEx ia] IIC. 55 V 40 V 37 V. A A 2 A. V AC or V DC. TUV 00 ATEX X, observe statement of conformity. II 3 G EEx nAC IIC T4 safe electrical isolation acc. to EN , voltage peak value V safe electrical isolation acc. to EN , voltage peak

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Further, the team of quality controllers conducts various tests on parameters like ultra violet protection, stiffness, strength and anti static properties. All the untiring efforts of our professionals enable us in gaining maximum client satisfaction. In addition to these, we are also offering services for conducting fire drill and rescue training program at factory premises with certificates at nominal charges. Kalibullah - P. We are serving reputed names in the market; some of them are added in our clientele for your added references.

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com,Lifetime Solutions,NULL,"A, M. We design, develop and supply various Fire Hydrant, Fire Alarm, CC TV, and give complete solutions to these Systems. Authorized dealer for RMS Products. com,INSUL GREEN SOLUTIONS,NULL,"UPPAL, HYDERABAD",SR MANAGER,Supply and Application of Thermal Insulation works in All India basis Prasad,prasath,prasath gmail. chopra isecpd. sn gmail. com,sterlite technologies ltd.

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Columbia Petro Chem Pvt. m,venkateshsnr,mvenkateshdit gmail. com,snr,NULL,"kandampatty, thirumagal bye pass road, salem - ",m,XEROX Jeyaprakash,jprakash,mpsiitm yahoo. in,KASH,NULL,"4 th Street, Pykara, Madurai ",Contractor,Contractor for hired vehicle Raj,jsraj,prakashpuvi yahoo. k,venkatesan karvy. com,Karvy,NULL,"Flat NO.

golder gmail. com,Powertech,NULL,aaa,Manager,gh VIJAYA LAKSHMI,pepperl,vlakshmi in. in,JOVE Multisystems P Ltd. in,"Supreme Trading Co. com,Jasubhai engineering pvt ltd,NULL,chennai,Engineer,"Instrumentation service, Supply, erection and commissioning of instrumentation packages " RETHINAM R,RETHINAM R,rethinam87 yahoo. com,SR soundsarvish,NULL, Tiruvannamalai,Suresh, India BIBIND VASU,ULTS,bibindvasu gmail. IT and Geo-spatial division of ULCCS is being leaded by group of dynamic individuals from various prestigious institutions with an aim to provide cost effective innovative solutions in geospatial and IT field.

We have expertise in various fields such as Remote Sensing, GIS, Geology, Geography, and Photogrammetry. com, qq. com,Taihe Electric Hong Kong LimiteNULL,"Room No. K K Gangopadhyay,gangulipkg,selectndriv vsnl. com,Arunai Cabs,NULL,"1 Kanagasabai Nagar, M. Road, Thanjavur",Travels,Leading travels in thanjavur. Vandana Trivedi,Ashutoshrubber,mktg ashutoshrubber. com,Ashutosh Rubber Pvt. We are a 7 year old company, being part of the group which is in this business since 25 years.

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Bharatiya Nabhikiya Vidyut Nigam Limited (BHAVINI) is a Government Company under the administrative control of the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) incorporated on 22nd October as Public Limited Company under the companies act, with the objective of constructing and commissioning the first MWe Fast Breeder Reactor (FBR) at Kalpakkam in Tamilnadu and to pursue construction Business Directory on Industrial Automation. Madho Controls Pvt Ltd. Madho Controls Manufacturers Pneumatic Angle 'y' Type Valves,ball Valve With Actuator, Pneumatic Diaphragm Control Valves,butterfly Valves For Steam,water,gas Control In Textile Dyeing Machinery, Indl Laundry & Garment Finishing Machinery,steam Sterlisers Etc was registered days ago on Monday, September 17,

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Tamilnadu fucks com

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Consolidating our experience and looking into the future requirement of our valuable customers. Our company enhanced its capacities by incurring huge capital expenditure on its most sophisticated plant setup for new standard for speciality paints.

ISO Certified. Jayakumar,eeshr gmail. Apart from standard Gate, Globe, Check and water line valves, Throttle valves, Flush bottom valves. gopinath siemens. com,siemens,NULL,chennai,Senior Executive,mfr Jayant Bagrecha,indigo,ashokan indigometalloys.

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chandran isyxtech. ISYX Tech is focused on enabling customers in the Middle East and Asia to Align, Structure, Optimize, and Secure their strategic Information Technology services by designing, implementing and supporting enterprise class solutions and services.

Our corporate Offerings assists organizations to transform their IT operations using ISYX Tech Value Chain Approach. singh narcconsulting. m,shrechand yahoo. under ministry of Rlys G S Gupta,guptags40,gsgupta ntpc.

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Arunan,Arunan,licarunan gmail. Devassy,Devassy,devassykl yahoo. rstpl gmail. com",shah alloys,NULL,"c,sardar estate,ajawa road,vadodara ",proprietor, murugan. murugan8 gmail. T,elitepowers14,elitepowers14 gmail. com,Veezolvian Communication Technologies,NULL,"no We provide full-cycle services in the areas of software development, web-based enterprise solutions, web application and portal development.

Combining our solid business domain experience, technical expertise, profound Knowledge of latest industry trends and quality-driven delivery model, we deliver Solutions that go beyond meeting customer expectations.

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