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Regardless of the series, film, or era that it was filmed in, Star Trek has had an incredible ability of finding gorgeous and talented women to include in their cast.

These 15 beautiful women will have you dusting off your old Star Trek cassettes to take a ride aboard the Enterprise. After getting her acting start in the early s, Chase Masterson was looking to make some serious noise in the entertainment industry.

She had appeared in the film Robin Hood: Men In Tightsand followed that up with an episode of General Hospital. The following year, Masterson would catch a break, and she would be cast as the character Leeta in the series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Her character would stay on the show for a total of 17 episodes, and she would forever be included in the pantheon of gorgeous women to make their way onto Star Trek.

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After her time on the series, the beautiful Masterson would appear in several other shows and movies, though there was nothing as popular as her time on Star Trek.

Inshe played the character Xela in the film Star Trek: Of Gods and Men. Seen here with a dress that leaves little to the imagination, it is easy to see why Masterson was cast in the series. She is stunning, and she remains as gorgeous as she was when she was cast on the series. Heading all the way back toStar Trek had only been on television for a year, and was already a bonafide hit with fans.

Venita Wolf was cast as Teresa Ross for the episode, and she quickly made an impression on fans. Wolf was a model, and had already had success in the pageant circuit before being cast in Star Trek.

Fox had an incredibly short acting career, but her good looks made her appearance in the famed series a memorable one. Outside of Star Trek, Wolf also made notable appearances on The Monkees and The Beverly Hillbillies. Pageantry was her primary form of success in the s, but she used this as a launching pad for her modest acting career.

Tragically, Wolf passed away inbut will continue to live on in Star Trek lore. The s kicked off what ended up being a very successful acting career for Virginia Madsenand her initial role was a small part in the film Class.

She continued her run throughout the decade by appearing in a number of movies and television shows, and the turn of the decade quickly brought a ton of success for the actress. She started the decade with a bang by appearing in several television films, and also starred in the movie Candyman. The horror film had a successful run at the box office, and Madsen quickly became a name in the industry.

As the 90s were steadily coming to an end, Madsen has appeared in her fair share of successful television movies, and would see the actress appear in Star Trek: Voyager. She appeared in just one episode of the beloved series. Madsen is no stranger to the limelight, and this poolside shot of her is gorgeous.

The simple photo has the actress showing off some leg, and you will never hear anyone complaining about seeing more of her.

Her appearance as an alien slave was too hot to handle, and the gorgeous model quickly grew in fandom.

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Luther had only been working in Hollywood for a year before she was cast in the role that she is perhaps best-known for.

She also had an appearance in the film Deuce Bigelow: European Gigoloand also on the successful HBO series Curb Your Enthusiasm. She has continued to act since her turn in Star Trekthough her role as a slave on the show is what she is known for.

The gorgeous Bobbi Sue Luther has no problem with showing some skin, and her toned midsection in this photo is on display for fans to feast their eyes on. Many shows in the s were still anchored by predominantly white casts, but Star Trek saw to it that they push the envelope in casting people of color in important roles on television. Nichols was cast in the original Star Trek series, and remained on the show until it went off of the air in Once Star Trek hit movie theaters in the s, Nichols would follow her costars onto the big screen, and she found herself starring in 6 Star Trek films altogether.

Outside of her iconic role as Lt. Uhura, Nichols also lent her voice to Gargoyles and Batman: The Animated Series.

Unlike some of the other names that you will find on this list, Nichols is a legitimate television icon thanks to her portrayal of Lt. Uhura, and she was instrumental in black women having a place in primetime television. This vintage photo of the beautiful Nichelle Nichols is sure to please any Star Trek fan.

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She was an absolute stunner back in the s, and her influence in the entertainment industry is nearly unparalleled. Very few performers are able to secure a single project to catapult them to fame, but Teri Hatcher has several huge television series that anchor her resume.

That show alone would have been enough to call her career a success, but Hatcher would have another massively successful show several years later.

Canadian viewers, however, were treated to the scene as it was originally shot - with Blalock's bottom shown see the picture to the left.

The "unedited" version of this scene is intact on the DVD release of the episode, HDNet 's broadcast, and streaming video providers such as Netflix and Hulu.

Star Trek pushed the boundaries of casting people of color in major television programs, and even created its own language in the process. Along with Star Wars, Star Trek is the most well-known sci-fi franchise in history, and this year will see the launch of its latest television series Star Trek: Discovery. Given the fact that the franchise has been plugging away for over 50 years, it is Estimated Reading Time: 9 mins Appendices See also " The Naked Time " " The Naked Now " Background information. The Star Trek: The Original Series episode "Patterns of Force" marks the only time, in any Star Trek series or film, that Spock actor Leonard Nimoy is seen on camera without a shirt. (Star Trek: The Original Series ) William Shatner, however, appeared shirtless twelve times, and in a ripped shirt seven times With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Star Trek animated GIFs to your conversations. Share the best GIFs now >

The episode aired ten days after the " wardrobe malfunction " during halftime at Super Bowl XXXVIII, which may have resulted in the alternate versions. This is the third time a bare female bottom was in Star Trekthough it was the first time more than one "cheek" was shown.

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