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It's the research of Beauty, of Perfection, whatever form or nature it has got. This small parallel world allows us to do what we want and it gives us never-ending possibilities.

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Flying, teletransporting, join groups made up people from different countries and culture. But it's not enough. SL gives birth to Art. Digital art, graphic art, less appreciated, less recognized, less welcome.

During my tour around SL I've met every kind of people. And I have to tell you: human beings in SL are the same in RL. With just one exception. The Artists. Cause SL is a "popular" game, where everybody can create Art. The employ exhibits in one of the most important galleries of Metaverse; the housewife becomes one of the most important visionary artists ever seen; the shy girl has thousands of views on Flickr. The research of Beauty, the obsession for Perfect Avatar.

Perfect man, perfect woman. This common vision nauseates me. I wanted to create a Nightmare.

I've forced artists to think in opposite sense: leaning toward the Macabre. Generating the Ugly. And the most interesting thing is that this process seems to be more "palpable", more plausible, more human. I wanted to dehumanize the process and at the same time I wanted them to think about the humanization of a piece of life so much immaterial that could generate similar and opposite thoughts about our reality.

Made inhuman by his look, the Freak man comes down toward a Nightmare. Because he's alone, because he's unique, because he's tremendously original. And this idea could be useful for us too, cause through this project we can put ourselves in a virtual Elephant Man's shoes and think about how the concept of Beauty brakes our wishes, how it carnally and mentally blocks ourselves into a state of Social Paranoia encompassed in a ecomonic scheme that pressures us to do what someone else thinks it's better for everyone.

Self-improvement is masturbation, Palahniuk said. But we are too addicted to reason in a healthy way.

And so, let's join to Arts, the last shelter for weak and introspective people. Guidelines are simple: all artists has to create a Freak-Avatar, respecting and reflecting the reality, the history and the culture inside this phenomenon; afterwards they had to create a digital opera, a free, cathartic, genuine one. All most important artists of Metaverse joined the project, from different countries, social or cultural level.

TV and virtual newspapers have been pleasantly stimulated, many people I've never met joined the project and helped me. Lack of Beauty Paranoia induced the artists to feel themselves free, to let themselves go, testing "stream of consciousness", an experience that we must feel as more as possible.

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It's only when the mind has no limits or schemes that it's able to Create truly. We are too grown up for being genuin, but desire still exists, and in my opinion this is the most important thing.

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Showroom setting is, obliviously, a circus. Interely made for the show by a great builder, Miss Asenath Rossini, Time Warp Circus will give hospitality to more than 60 artists from different countries, in Jacopo Perenti's ModalSL-Freak Show SIM. In a world in which you can have "one, no one and hundred thousand" identities, you are finally free to create something only for yourself, tremendously for yourself.

It could be seen as a "revenge" of Second Life, versus the cultural mediocrity of real world. We have been able to surpass the hypocrisy wall against ourselves, carrying a precious baggage full of feelings and emotions that we will never forget. Although the glare was irritating and obstructive, this boy was playing with himself in a way he should not have in front of a group of little girl scouts of about 8 years old who were in turn actually not surprised by his actions.

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One of them just commented loudly, "you got to be kidding me! This is perfect for a couple's romantic get away. Includes solo sits and masturbation poses, then for the couples you get:. So I looked around flickr. No problem, I can do that too. I took my tongue ring off in PS for fun so I could say this was different from the post I made a couple days ago.

One I actually put a lot of camera time in on and my PS time. This is just 2 textures and some PS layer stuff. It won't stay most likely, but whatever It's the most wanted. hair J hair tram. ears Sceleratis Ears The Men's Department. created by CerberusXing. eyeshadow Glance Eyeliner Anthem Event created by Just Magnetized.

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choker ICHBD COLLAR Human Glitch. tattoo Black Dragon Tattoo Uber created by Vegas Tattoo. boots Zenaku Boots Kinky Event created by Phedora.

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LAVAROCK FASHION BLOG. Summer is here and I am an outdoor girl, and enjoy being outside. As you can see in my last pictures where I have the blue panties and bra on, the extra kilos are clearly visible.

But luckily I lose weight quietly and safely.

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Leather mask, masturbation, topless, see my face, pedal pumping, rubber clothing, bank robber, and other desires for photographic work like neither me nor mine photographer wants to do. So please accept that armed cowgirl pictures are what me and my photographer are passionate about.

But I also get really many positive reactions.

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And I have met a lot of nice people in here who I have written a lot with about everything: Horses, firearms, sex, western lifestyle, etc. I am wearing a slip under the water. Perverts please don't even bother commenting. This is not supposed to be sexy lol i look like a fish.

This was the last day I ever saw her.

Dear Prudence, A few years ago my now year-old daughter found the "back massager" stowed under my bed. I told her that it was for massaging sore muscles and this is, indeed, the way this 3. like school girls by maria jackson. 2. suck my breast guys come by maria jackson. o ya hot babe by Emma john. 1. Dj kashif music video - You don't know where we stand HD by maria jackson. View all All Photos Tagged Female Masturbation. Lonely Saturday Night by Scott Flickr photos, groups, and tags related to the "girl masturbating" Flickr tag

The last day we fucked. I miss her, and masturbate to her photos, often. This photo were taken by a friend of mine, that I always thought that he likes her. I have found some photos of her in his cellphone, even some upskirts photos of her when she was wearing a black dress with black panties at a wedding of a friend.

Well, at this time, he offered to take us a picture there, so he leaned on the floor, and immediately I knew what was the objetive of that, so I let him.

He took a long time to take the photo. I asked him to give me the camera and I could see this nice photo I didn't show this photo to my girl, because she would probably feel ashamed because my friend watched her panties.

When he stood I could see the bulge between his legs so I knew that he enjoyed what he saw I was excited too. When we were leaving, I stayed taking some photos, so my girl and my friend walked a few steps ahead of me, when we get to the car he opened the door for her to get in. I knew that he could see all her panty and her crotch when she get on the car.

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At this time we were just starting our relationship, so we didn't live together yet, so we left her at her parent's house and mi friend and I went to my house. We drank some beers and I asked him why he took so long to take the picture, and I could tell he became nervous, and then I asked him what colour was her panties, but he didn't answer, and I tell him "I know you could see everything, especially when she get on the car, jajaja".

When I went to bed, I was so horny that I called my girl and I told that I missed her, she was about to sleep, but we started talking and the conversation became horny so I masturbated and she started to touch her pussy, to rub her clit and then she put two fingers in her pussy. She told me that she was really wet and I could hear how her breathing became faster and faster, until both get to the orgam, I cum a lot.

I've been seeing several flickr members most without any images of their own fave dozens of my photos without so much as a thank-you or comment on any of them, so have been going through these people and blocking them. If, indeed, you feel my pix are simply more fodder for your wank bank, keep in mind that I don't care about Favourites and will relegate your account into irrelevancy. Try to leave a comment or two!

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VEUILLEZ NOTER! J'ai eu plusieurs membres de Flickr beaucoup sans aucune image de leur part des dizaines de mes photos preferees sans autant de remerciement ou de commentaire sur aucune d'entre elles, alors j'ai parcouru ces personnes et les ai bloquees.

Si, en effet, vous pensez que mes pix sont simplement plus de fourrage pour votre anthologie de la masturbation, gardez a l'esprit que je me fiche des favoris et que votre compte sera considere comme inutile.

Essayez de laisser un commentaire ou deux! Please, read my profileleave a comment - or visit my website! SVP, commenter ou lire mon profilou visiter mon page sur Web! I've started a group called Retro T-Girl - join in!

and have a look my Blog.

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LAVAROCK FASHION BLOG. Vanilla Bae - Samantha Bodysuit - FameshedX. Vanilla Bae Marketplace. Tune: www. MP Link : marketplace.

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It features positions for 4 users 2 female and 2 male with full sits and naughty masturbation poses for all four sitters and full couples menus for 2 couples, as well as lesbian poses for the 2 women, MMF and FFM threesomes, foursomes and a ton of Bento poses. It includes a texture changer with a ton of premade themesl.

You can also mix and match by changing the wood and upholstery separately. The optional COLORIZE texture options allow you to apply any colors you want, while retaining the high quality 3d look.

Match any decor!. Hedonistic love between a consenting loving couple is such fun for both. Love, openness and honesty about each others desires and respect for each other is so important.

If you don't have care, love, trust and respect the relationship would be abusive. Explore Trending Events More More. Tags Female Masturbation. Related groups - Female Masturbation View all 7. Female Photographers. Muscular Crossdressers. I WANT A BIGGER FAMILY!!!

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Lovense Support. Lonely Saturday Night by Scott. Female Masturbation Illustrated by Tylerbomb. Masturbation concept by teamchluy.

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Hot woman playing with her body. Masturbation concept.

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Integration The Bed Engine This is perfect for a couple's romantic get away. ROFLMAO by Poe Tatum. Puppy's Bed by Rune Resident. Marketplace and have a look my Blog.

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