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C: You don't know Did, when he got in the back seat you were already spread out back there ready for him, waiting on him. C: And if you're 21, you think you'd have, you'd have, trouble getting it in? C: Why do you run around with girls instead of, ah, guys being you are a girl yourself?

C: Why do you run around with girls instead of guys being you're a girl yourself?

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C: You haven't the slightest idea? You go around kissing other girls? Do you kiss them? I recently re-watched Susan Muska and Greta Olafsdottir's Emmy-nominated documentary The Brandon Teena Storywhich unearthed this excruciating exchange. The duo spent more than five years researching and reporting the case, even moving into an apartment in Falls City to attend all the trials and sentencings. Without their excellent investigative journalism we would have never learned of the extreme misconduct and inhumanity Brandon suffered from Laux.

Hearing his cruelty anew, it finally occurred to me why he seems the cruelest in this cast of characters: There's something particularly perverse about a man entrusted with the duty to protect choosing instead to hurt and humiliate.

Peirce, who also spent more than half a decade researching and making her film, chose to underscore the disturbing and participatory nature of Laux's questions about the crime by playing out the rape scene in flashback with Swank's voiceover, as she gets grilled by Laux. Despite ample evidence, Laux neglected to apprehend and charge Lotter and Nissen, giving them the opportunity to plan and execute Brandon's murder twenty years ago today on December 31, After all, transgender rights and visibility have increased significantly since To find out how much progress has made its way to the Richardson County Sheriff's Office, I reached out to the current sheriff, Randy Houser, an affable year-old from Omaha.

I first asked Houser if he could get me in touch with Laux, wondering whether he has any regret about the way he handled things.

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He encouraged me, however, to give it a try. When my letter requesting an interview went unanswered, I called Laux's home in Dawson.

I'm sure it's a defense mechanism. Just a few years after the tragedy, he was voted commissioner of Richardson County. When his term ended, he took a job as a corrections officer at the Nebraska State Penitentiary, where Lotter sits on death row.

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He pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in the death of Tevin Bonner. An year-old woman was shot to death and a year-old man was gravely wounded late Monday night, July 26 as they watched a movie together at the Regal Edwards Corona Crossings. Lotter and Marvin Nissen were convicted of killing Teena Brandon21, of Lincoln, a transgender male. They killed Brandon in to silence him after he told police they had raped him.

So the murder of year-old Brandon Taiwan Stevenson, found with his head nearly severed from his neck in a house on Flora Avenue, officially remains unsolved. The murder Friends knew Stevenson Agents from the Homicide and Crime Scene Units Read More. Police investigate the scene in which police opened fire during an arrest near S Kilpatrick in West Garfield Park, Friday, July 9,in Chicago. Salvador won Yahoo Web Search Yahoo Settings.

Home Mail News Finance Fantasy Sports Shopping Weather Lifestyle Help Settings. Sign In. Search query. All Images Videos News. A war on drugs but they just never disappear and no one see a flaw in that? and its from within the power structure ie: the 2 boys in Arkansas murdered then put on the train tracks. What you tolerate, you had better be prepared to suffer. Once the lie has a toe in the door, your in for a huge amount of trouble and it will just get worse the more hogwash you entertain.

The world needs a hero, but everyone is waiting for some guy to come out of the sky and fix what is your responsibility and where it is highly likely the corrupt power structure invented or tainted that scenario just enough to make it suit their global aspirations.

Remove the big lies and pressures on the human condition, as the modern scenario is fiscal slavery to the Central banks and their agencies and all the rest, not already a mortal or moral anathema, will fall into place. But boy oh boy you guys have been sold a pup, that is really a vicious carnivore from the day the Central banks in the Temple killed nailed the Table tipper. Be true to your heart and true to the truth, and it will never fail you if you have the courage.

How much bad luck are you going to have until you realize it aint luck at all? I may wish my old nag were a racehorse, and call him a racehorse, but calling him one no more makes him one than does calling a biological female a male or darkness light.

Sensible, sane people should refuse to collude with the ideological demand for effective linguistic abuse for the purpose of shaping the world in the form that others would have it. I will choose, I will determine, how I express myself as I understand it relates to the world and its people.

We all should. It should be mocked and rejected as deeply dangerous. Right on! Teena was an awesome girl! Too bad, Lotter got more help from the well meaning morons trying to get him off the death row than Teena got from highly paid professionals whose job it was to help her. Teena Brandon was biologically female and she responded emotionally like a woman.

I know Teena better than you do. She corrected him and told him that she was Teena. This was the last person who saw the three people alive. You have no idea that this happened, not why Teena said that. I take it you like to think for yourself, too?

  Find brandon teena stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Thousands of new, high-quality pictures   One last point, there is a Teena Brandon's funeral photo just before her coffin goes into the ground. The coffin is pink and gray marble color, and it is noticeably short. Behind the coffin is Teena's gay cousin and two other cousins who look like him Browse and comment on Brandon Teena Teena Brandon's photos on Myspace, a place where people come to connect, discover, and share

You are too ready to believe bad reporting and poor journalism. Teena Brandon was a girl, she was not saving money for sex reassignment surgery, she had none. She wanted to leave Humboldt since Dec 28 and cops were okay with it.

Teena and Phil were trapped in Humboldt by poverty and homelessness. Teena was displacing other people staying with Lambert. Everyone wanted her to move and she had no place to go, also, for many reasons, she was not the easiest person to get along with. A lot of street, lot of bluster and anger. Real Teena was an awesome individual who was tarred and feathered in the Falls City. John Lotter shot and murdered the three people, how can you people be so gullible as to accept the word of a convicted felon who contradicted himself under oath?

Have you read any forensics work on the crime scene? Dunne is a great writer, but his article about Teena Brandon sucks. Not just that, he based his writing on certain assumptions, did not follow through with research and fact checking, missing certain key events revealed in court testimony and police reports.

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Teena Brandon both, had flaws, and was severely emotionally traumatized, that everyone wrongly chucked to child sexual abuse, she needed a lot of love, that the girls she chased after were not a able to give her. Also, certain things she was closer with Nissen that she was with Tisdel. Kinda goes against the public myth, I know. Also, the only person who seems to have gotten through to Teena Brandon emotionally was Michelle Lotter, as a stronger gay woman, who had the position in the wolf pack that Teena wished she had.

This is the problem with identity politics. I would give identity politics more credence had Teena not been a psychiatric patient with severe symptoms other than gender dysphoria. Teena suffered from OCD, Alcohol Abuse, an eating disorder. Shrink that gave her the gender transition checklist did her no favors.

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He failed to treat her underlying problems and then a reasonably stabilized person could make a determination what they want. They could have taught her to handle domestic violence while she was at the psychiatric hospital, but the professionals were sub standard. That is why you see no academic papers about how they treated and attempted to heal Teena. Because Teena was traumatized, she invited domestic abuse against her in the Falls City. Most likely, Teena re-traumatized herself.

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Her gay cousins did her no favors. To begin, certain segments of the gay male culture are mysogenist in themselves, and someone like Teena did not belong there. The guy is anxious and uncomfortable twirling a beer glass when he is telling this. Gay cousins had a car, an Oldsmobile. According to his own admission, Teena helped them to get on their feet financially and economically, when they got to Omaha, where were they, when Teena was desperately calling from Falls City to get out of there?

In the context of the above does it make sense that Teena starts showering seven times a day with a complete change of clothing? Really, read up on the outlaw biker violence against women and how Nissen beat Teena by kicking and punching her in the belly every time he beat her. When LGBT appropriated Teena into a simplified gay bashing legend, how much of the real story did they ignore as opposed to basic arrogance, self centeredness and ignorance?

Teena was a victim of appalling men. Marcus, I agree with you one hundred percent. The biggest problem with the PC Brigade appropriating Teena Brandon as a transgender icon is that they overlook the real person who lived and died.

To begin with, Teena had a different name for her male self, not the one you see on the internet. She called herself Tenna Ray Brandon. Ray was to honor her sister whom she loved, middle name Rae.

If you really want to honor someone, you should use their correct name. When I say that Teena Brandon was awesome, I mean it. Teena Brandon was great, because she had a personal strength ethic of heroic proportions. She got a job at a lumber yard loading trucks and developed her physical strength. She refused pain killers when getting medical treatment. She was a talented actress, she could make people laugh and had leadership potential.

She was tapped to be a manager at a restaurant where she once worked. Violence against any woman is a terrible tragedy, but against her was especially tragic, given both, who she was and the circumstances under which it happened.

BTW, I believe that part of the brutality and humiliation of what was done to her was done because she was successfully competing with Lotter and Nissen for dominance, and both liked her as a woman, and emotionally, Teena was really a traumatized girl.

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John Lotter is an insect, a non-entity, nothing resembling a human being. Lotter told Teena that he liked her and hoped to be with her, after she was released from jail and everyone found out that she was female. Teena blew him off.

He is not getting away from her! Try hard as you might, you will not find any other photo of Teena touching a male. Lotter said that he first met Teena when she walked up to him at the Oasis Bar and they talked and walked out to her car, got inside and shared a fifth of vodka.

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Lotter also describes Teena was staring at him while Nissen was pulling her pants off at the party and was groping her. People traumatized by torture suffer in a certain way when they realize that they are going to be tortured again, and Lotter noticed and attempted to describe it, without knowing what it is. The real question is, why was Teena locking eyes with Lotter, ad not with Lana, her girlfriend, or anybody else, why Lotter? Later on, Lotter held Teena, while Nissen punched her.

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Nissen raped Teena first, Lotter was in the front seat and the way he was cheering on is beyond words. The real question is, why Teena liked Lotter. John Lotter is a very violent criminal. He once bolted from a courtroom trying to escape in shackles and got as far as the steps outside the Courthouse. Court documents indicate that people were afraid of Lotter, that he terrorized his local community. Maybe Teena Brandon saw John Lotter as a real world outlaw and looked up to him.

Facts from the case put a large dent in a popular nation that Teena Brandon was attacked by the two jealous boyfriend once they discovered that Brandon is a girl. Lana found out on December 12, when Teena drove her to Lincoln and introduced her to her sister.

At some point, Teena also introduced Tom Nissen to her sister. Sister testified that she lied to Tom Nissen, because Teena asked her to. Lana Tisdel testified in Court that she saw both, Teena Brandon and Tom Nissen, for the first time at the Oasis Bar, and it appears that the two were there together. It seems that both, Tom Nissen and Teena Brandon were outsiders to the Falls City scene and that Teena may have known Nissen from someplace else, since they both appeared at the Oasis together, when Lana saw them for the first time.

Another takeaway from this is that just like Lana, Nissen knew that Teena was a girl before everyone else. This is important because Tom Nissen is a repeat rapist. Several things point to this. If I recall correctly, Nissen has two sex assault type charges on his rap sheet. No, they told him. Teena says that Nissen pulled her pants off but did not grope her. Laux tells her that he knows Nissen, and that if Nissen pulled her pants off, he would have groped her. After they raped Teena, they told her that they would murder her if she told anyone, and Teena believed them.

When she got to the hospital, they automatically brought up the rape exam as a matter of standard practice with battered women brought to emergency rooms. Thereafter Teena actively cooperated, helping the police find the location of the rape, which was ten miles away and out in the dark.

She then became a reluctant witness, not willing to implicate Nissen and get him arrested. She also failed to show up for the follow up interview, claiming she was scared and that people were watching the Court building looking for her. Confrontation with Laux did not help, or it may have been people and pressure put on her by the criminals. BB: Thanks for your most engaging response. Was she taking steroids for transition?

You seem to know much about the case. Teena was not taking steroids, as far as I know. This is interesting, because she loudly bemoaned lack of facial hair, and her monthly periods.

This could have been easily fixed with steroid injections you can get on the street. She had access to money during her time in Omaha, but never pursued it. In addition, Teena was mysogynistic in her abhorrence of womanhood. None of it is extremely unusual. When I started my research back inwanting to meed another girl like her, I discovered certain excellent research forgotten today.

Later on, kids go through a period of adjustment, but most people remain true to themselves on some level. There was a study that showed black ad brown kids having an inner image of themselves as blond and blue-eyed, like their favorite actors in the movies. Another interesting thought going back to that research for the definition of homosexuality.

  Brandon Teena, left, with Lana Tisdel in an undated photo (Associated Press) Twenty years ago in a little Nebraskan town called Falls City, a handsome 21 Images for The Murder Of Brandon Teena Crime Scene Photos. More images for The Murder Of Brandon Teena Crime Scene Photos   This case takes place around Christmastime of in Humboldt, Nebraska. Brandon Teena was born Teena Renae Brandon, and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska - smack dab in the middle of the Bible Belt. Not a good thing for him, considering how closed minded people were - especially back in the 90's, when the phrase "transgender" was not at all well

Homosexuality was not measured in terms of who one sleeps with, but rather in terms of a person associating exclusively with people of their own gender. There was a homosexuality scale of between 1 and 6, and the person at 6 only spent time and socialized with people of their own biological sex.

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There is a widely reported notion that Teena hated lesbians. That is because Teena needed a company of wolves to run with. She needed men as an audience for which she would get in bed with any girl, either to show off for her male pack of to get their approval, a feminine trait, but not reserved for women only. Teena loved authority in the way of any good soldier who will fall in line and gladly stand at attention if the occasion calls for it. Look at her mugshot.


Teena is standing at attention. Had this been in the military, it would have been seen as great military bearing, instead we have a defiant mug shot. Teena played a different tune for Lana Tisdel - during their visit Teena is upset, listless, asking Lana to get her out of jail.

Apparently an act Teena put on for Lana. Another indicator that Teena needed a company of men is that photo of Teena and Lana doing homework with Nissen sitting on the couch in the background.

Except, what homework? Nobody is in school at that point, Lana having graduated the previous spring.

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If you look closely, you will see some high school level lit about the medieval knights and Christmas, a photocopied notebook, and another notebook, into which Teena is writing. Interesting that Lana speaks nothing of it for the cameras, but Tom Nissen mentions it.

Unfortunately, this is mixed up with some lies that Nissen utters, claiming that he had no clue that Teena was a girl until she went to prison.

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It took 13 years of biographic research and the PC Brigade strongly objected to some unpalatable facts in it, which went against the popular narrative. John Lotter is most definitely at the head of the class on the Nebraska death row.

Both him and Nissen deserve a bullet to the back of the head, and it would be a kindness.

Lana + Brandon - Nothing's Gonna Hurt You Baby

Teena died much harder and I believe that Lotter was the shooter. Right now there is a clamoring afoot to get Lotter off the death row.

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That would be a terrible injustice. The man never showed remorse and would do it again because he judged Teena as deserving of what they did to her. In that Lotter sounds like dedicated Taliban fanatics, who readily accept skinning infidels alive or some other such violence. The only difference is that Taliban are true believers not afraid to die, and Lotter is a coward.

His fear of being executed has broken him. Lotter is capable of self-pity. He gets visibly upset and his voice goes up a couple of notches, like somebody grabbed him by the balls, when he starts talking about his death sentence.

Teena brandon photo

Nissen is scared as well, though I am not sure of what. Maybe he is afraid of going to hell.

Find the perfect Brandon Teena stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. Select from premium Brandon Teena of the highest quality. CREATIVE   Photo: Associated Press via NBC Quick Facts Name Brandon Teena Birth Date December 12, Death Date December 31, Place of Birth Lincoln, Nebraska Place of Death Humboldt, Nebraska AKA Brandon Teena childhood photo. JoAnn, Brandon Teena's mother, was upset that the filmmakers failed to explain that for several years when Brandon was a young girl, he had been sexually molested by a man. JoAnn said that "Teena" sought counseling in

In his own mind he has forgiven Teena all her transgressions, and they were always the best of friends engaging in meaningful conversations.

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