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Your teens will love making their own sleepover eye masks and these unicorn ones are the coolest! Give them a hand by making the first one and then let them take it from there! Careful using hot glue guns!

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Oh my! Your tweens will absolutely adore these fabulous fuzzy slipper cookies! Or even better yet, for an evening activity, you can make the cookies with everybody lending a hand and decorating their own slippers!

Every tween sleepover needs a good old fashioned pillow fight! So get your contestants ready with their soft and cushiony customized pillow fight pillows!

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Unicorn popcorn is the new must-have at any sleepover party! Kids, tweens or teens will adore this special addition to their late night movie fun!

This is an amazing slumber party activity! Each tween gets to personalize their own pizza to their own taste and you get to make sure everyone eats! Every amazing party needs games! Check out your local thrift store to find cheap board games but make sure you check that they have all the pieces.

Design the most perfect invitation to your teens totally cool slumber party!

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Charm your guests with funky eye mask invitations with all the details of what to bring, how to get there and what time to show up. Relax your young teenagers with a pampering spa night before they tuck into bed with a romantic chick flick!

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Soaking their feet while drinking virgin Mimosas and painting their nails What a hard life they have! Building a blanket fort is one of those things that is fun to do at any age! Even as an adult! So set up your teens at their next slumber party and help them build the ultimate blanket fort!

  Slumber parties, sleepovers and pajama parties are a great way to celebrate a special event and get to know your friends better. This tradition allows girls to practice independence, nourish their relationships, and grow through social activities Slumber parties form some of the happiest memories from our childhood and it's the little touches we include that make our Teepee Dreams parties an extraordinary experience! We stop at nothing to create the perfect party for you to host. Simply choose from one

Keep their fingers warm with a hot cup of cocoa. The best part?

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Decorations at your tweens slumber bash is super important! Every slumber party needs a photo booth and every photo booth needs props! Get silly with your teens and take hilarious pictures with big moustaches and funny glasses.

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Give your teenagers a glamping experience right in your backyard. A place where they can gossip, talk about their favorite new movie, and play fun games! This is an all girls slumber bash! A place where you can get together with your besties, paint your nails, talk about that cute boy, and take selfies!

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Fun and bright neon colors, big signs and of course a lot of balloons! Truth or Dare will always be fun! Print out a list of your favorite chick flicks and then get all the party guests to vote on a number! So grab your scissors and glue guns and start making up those slumber party invitations! Start with some fun crafts and activities to get the party going. DIY eye masks, friendship bracelets and unicorn slime are fun ones!

Afterward, play some board games or make your own pizza dinner. When it gets a bit later, get comfy in the living room and laugh out loud while watching that new animated movie for kids or that hilarious chick flick for the teens!

Slumber party girls

As you can see, there are lots of ways to host a totally awesome slumber party no matter how old your kids are! Fun and colorful, trendy and stylish or themed to their current interest.

Get creative and have a wonderful night with everyone. Your privacy is important to us. Stay tuned for the first newsletter in the morning, straight to your inbox.

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For now, feel free to continue reading. Check out some of these ideas to inspire your next slumber party!

A princess fort is a wonderful idea for a girly slumber party. You can put out pretty nail polishes, decorate with pink frilly materials and set up a crown making activity! 7. Housecoats. Provide cute fuzzy housecoats for your kids and their guests to really make them feel relaxed and comfortable   Slumber Party Games for Girls Wacky Wardrobe Fill a bag large trash bag with all kinds of silly clothes and accessories, such as an oversized jacket, a funny hat, clip-on earrings, sunglasses, lipstick, clunky jewelry, etc. Start some music and each time it stops, the girl holding the bag must reach in and put on whatever item she pulls out (Ooh, ooh, ooh) Slumber party (Ooh, ooh, ooh) Slumber party (Ooh, ooh, ooh) Slumber party (Ooh, ooh, ooh) Slumber party My girl look like Wednesday Addams Eyes go black when she orgasms Hide your back, she likes to stab them My butt cheeks, she likes to grab Matching pajama birthday suits Her spit tastes just like Juicy Fruit She do that thing she usually do

Jump directly to: Sleepover Ideas for Kids Sleepover Ideas for Tweens Sleepover Ideas for Teens Sleepover Ideas for Kids 1. Matching Pajamas All best friends need matching pajamas! Movie Night Organize the coolest movie night around! Toothbrushes Put out toothbrush party favours to make sure that all the kiddos brush their teeth before falling asleep. Indoor Camping Throw an indoor camping slumber party for your kids with the ultimate planning. Princess Paradise Create a comfortable Princess Castle Fort for your little girls to snuggle up in, play make-believe and tell stories.

Housecoats Provide cute fuzzy housecoats for your kids and their guests to really make them feel relaxed and comfortable. Star Wars Got any Star Wars fans in the house?

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Tea Party A princess tea party for your little sleeping beauties. Sleepover Ideas for Tweens Unicorn Slime This is SO cool and sure to be the hit of your sleepover!


Is it your birthday? Want to do something different? Why not try our Sibling Package.

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A complimentary wishing jar is given to the birthday child, where friends can write a special message as a keepsake. As a working mum, I understand the effort involved in hosting a party at home.

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My vision is to share this with others, so they too can create childhood memories that they can look back on and treasure. Make your party planning hassle free by getting in touch with us to organise it all for you!

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Back Sibling Package Bohemian Dreams In The Wild Sherbet Dreams Adventure Awaits Sweet Dreams Teepee Dreaming Gallery. magical slumber parties.

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Where fun, happiness and imagination come to sleep over! Watch your home transform into an enchanting party space!

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