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Sharks The shark was rumoured to be close to the shore in the Bournemouth sea, which was busy at the time. The beach was evacuated while a search was carried out for any signs of the creature.

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Meghan Markle According to royal commentator Daniela Elser, the shine has gone off the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who no longer have the star power they commanded just a year ago. Princess Beatrice Princess Beatrice currently lives in St James's Palace with her husband Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, while her sister Princess Eugenie lives in Frogmore Cottage in Windsor.

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In the News Model, 21, gets 'funny looks' about wheelchair and gets accused of faking her disability British model Georgina Wasdall suffers with a rare condition called myalgic encephalomyelitis - the year-old has been hit by allegations that she is "faking" her disability.

London A technical fault has left London's iconic Tower Bridge stuck open with travel chaos for motorists and pedestrians trying to cross the Thames while it undergoes emergency repairs. Meghan Markle Her Majesty was said to be "hurt and disappointed" by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's decision to step down as senior royals, the author of a new book about the monarch claims. Facebook Facebook Marketplace users were horrified to see the device, usually used by coroners for dissecting dead bodies, up for sale for ? The seller assured potential buyers it's been cleaned.

Mum fuming after being served 'worst cheesy chips ever' for ?7 at music festival Food Chloe Fletcher had been partying at house music festival Beach Jam in Redcar, North Yorkshire, last Saturday when she decided to re-energise with food after dancing away for hours.

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Most Read Most Recent. Eastenders EastEnders youngster Tiffany Butcher-Baker is going thorugh a tough time lately so Daily Star has decided to taken a sneak peek into the home of actress Maisie Smith.

Tesco A Tesco worker dressed up in a suit to read out his resignation letter on the shop floor. He was praised by users for his creative presentation and funny comments.

Google Maps The popular app is famous for covering most of the world - but government and military officials can ban the service from showing certain locations if they present a national security risk. Kate Ferdinand Kate Ferdinand has provided an ate to her fans as she enjoyed her tranquil holiday with family abroad. The star also revealed the reason for much-needed trip away.

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Model, 21, gets 'funny looks' about wheelchair and gets accused of faking her disability In the News British model Georgina Wasdall suffers with a rare condition called myalgic encephalomyelitis - the year-old has been hit by allegations that she is "faking" her disability. Top Stories.

Hollywood Iconic singer Whitney tragically passed away aged 48 in leaving world in mourning after being found in hotel room. Big Brother Celebrity Big Brother star Stephen Bear has posted an explicit video of himself engaging in sex acts with his girlfriend as they holidayed together, just weeks after he appeared in court over revenge porn allegations.

Outrage as guests trash holiday resort and throw furniture in swimming pool Holidays The Atlantic Reach near Newquay shared a photo that showed most of its outdoor furniture - including plastic chairs, sun loungers, and even parasols - in the outdoor pool.

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Young lad who started TikTok account after losing his job now worth millions TikTok Khaby Lame, 21, from Senegal, started making his dead pan comedy clips on TikTok at the beginning ofbut he's already snagged million followers and over a billion likes.

Rita Ora Rita Ora uploaded some sizzling snaps on Sunday night as she flaunted her assets in a serious of eye-popping snaps, where she went braless and wore only a towelling robe. Chelsea FC Former Chelsea star Romelu Lukaku looks set to be on his way back to Stamford Bridge having completed a medical in Italy ahead of a transfer from Inter Milan.

Often, a dozen prospective partners present themselveswrapping themselves around the female in a ritual that can last for up to a month.

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Rivas vividly recalls watching a male green anaconda persistently pursue a large female and later have sex with her, disregarding other mating opportunities nearby. Garter snake courtship can be even more extreme. In the Interlake region of Manitoba, Canada, a single female may be pursued by up to males, who slither on top of each other and form a "mating ball". Several mating groups often gather at once in crevices above ground, littering the landscape with thousands of snakes.

However, the garter snakes only do this in certain places. It is not clear why, but environmental conditions such as climate could be a factor: the behaviour of other snake species can vary dramatically based on geography.

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Rivas and his team are currently studying the mating practices of their local garter snake population in New Mexico. The trouble with all these snake orgies is that it is not clear which of the males, if any, actually succeeds in producing offspring.

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But one thing is clear: since snake orgies are writhing with males, females must choose. Females also use genital contractions to control the duration of copulation and can interrupt sex if a mate proves unsatisfactory.

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It is still unclear what cues the females use to choose one suitor over another. But there may well be more of an element of female choice.

Rivas thinks the females could use their sense of touch to distinguish between males. Observing a mating group from the inside, perhaps with a camera, could reveal the process involved. In any case, females do not necessarily pick a single suitor.

Instead, they often have sex with several males.

What's more, contrary to early research, males typically stick with a single partner while females sleep around. He thinks polyandry - in which each female mates with multiple males - is likely to be the ancestral mating system in snakes.

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It is not clear why snakes would have evolved this particular mating system. One idea is that promiscuity allows females to stock up on seminal fluids, which provide her with nutrition.

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However, Rivas thinks that mating with many males is more likely to be a way of producing the healthiest offspring, by letting sperm competition weed out incompatible or unhealthy genes. Females can store sperm in their reproductive tract for months or even years, and it seems to remain competitive even when faced with new, fresh sperm. Female red-sided garter snakes that have just copulated emit a special pheromonewhich allows males to avoid wasting time pursuing them.

But some males take a more active role in securing mates. For example, male red-sided garter snakes produce a gelatinous substance that blocks the female's genital tract after mating.

This "mating plug" is thought to be a tactic to prevent the female from mating again. When male red-sided garter snakes copulate with large females, they tend to mate for longer - but instead of depositing more sperm, they often produce a larger mating plug to make life difficult for other suitors.

For one thing, they often fall out.

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But they may have another role besides enforcing chastity. The mating plugs of red-sided garter snakes have been found to be packed with sperm, which could be gradually released as they dissolve.

  You may remember year-old Israeli model Orit Fox from a viral video that circulated a few years ago, in which she openly flirted with a snake and the snake proceeded to   Snake dies from silicone poisoning after biting model's breast during photoshoot. It should have been an alluring photoshoot between two of nature's beautiful creatures as a model wrapped herself   Snakes do not have very good eyesight, so how a male snake could spot a particularly big female from a distance is unclear. View image of A green

In other words, these mating plugs may actually be a sneaky way for males to spread their seed. A male might also gain an advantage by being the last to mate with a female. The sperm from the most recent sexual encounter may remain on top and enter the female first.

That could help explain why anacondas court each other for so long. However, to come back to where we started, male anacondas may not want to stick around for too long after sex: doing so puts them at risk of being eaten.

Female anacondas do not always consume their mates, and it is not clear how they choose whether to do so. Sexual cannibalism probably provides female anacondas with a lot of nutrients, which would be useful because they fast for seven months while pregnant.

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When it comes to the reproductive behaviour of snakes though, there are still many mysteries to be solved. Part of the issue is that snakes are so secretive, which means only a few species have been observed in the wild. But from what we can tell, the mating habits of snakes are rather similar to those of spiders.

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In both groups, the females are larger than the males, there is a lot of complex competition among males to fertilise the females, while the females find ways to control who mates with them - and unwary males sometimes risk being eaten by their mates.

Why two such distantly related groups, which last shared a common ancestor hundreds of millions of years ago when animal life was still confined to the sea, have evolved such similar mating styles is anyone's guess.

  Snake Bites Boob - YouTube. This lady is playing with a snake and it bites her in the boob. This lady is playing with a snake and it bites her in the Stephen Gebhardt   Farm Girl is a beautiful, fit and friendly woman who is over 54 years of age. She is an inspiration to many who wish to live a fun, active and healthy lifestyle after She loves to shoot guns Author: Banshee Moon   In the clip the blonde lass wears a tight white and red striped dress and approaches a snake handler to have the reptile draped around her neck. The woman looks at ease with the creature and readily pulls the snakes face to her mouth - weirdly giving it a big lick. She then allows the snake to wrap itself around her neck and give her a snuggle

Earth Menu. Weird Snake Snake sex is every bit as peculiar as you would expect.

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