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Eventually standing there naked, the six cheerleaders allegedly were taken into another room, while one of them said she remembered being separated from the group. The incident has left the two cheerleaders emotionally traumatised, they said, leading one to leave the school permanently.

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Sorority nude girls

Email us at tips the-sun. uk or call You can WhatsApp us on We pay for videos too. Click here to upload yours. Frat boys are afforded the freedom of keg-standing, high-fiving, girl-chasing nights of sheer hedonism while their female counterparts do not have the right to throw their own parties.

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In the movie, Neighbors 2Selena Gomez's character explains why sororities are not allowed to throw parties. Something should be done to change this.

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Here is another BS double standard that applies to sororities but not to fraternities. Almost every sorority in the entire country is strictly forbidden from not only hosting parties but also even keeping alcohol in their houses. The most shocking part about this is that two thirds of women in America believe that this rule shouldn't change, according to Huffington Post.

This standard is just as old and outdated as sororities are. It was born in a more Victorian era, and has changed from tradition to policy over the years.

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It makes sense from a legal standpoint since many of the women who live in sorority houses are underage and this rule keeps them out of trouble. Still, if sororities have to follow this rule, why shouldn't fraternities?

Sorority Girls' Revenge 89 minutes Comedy Two guys and their dog are hiding out at this deserted sorority retreat when it is suddenly invaded by four cute sorority pledges - sent there by their mean, but foxy, pledge-master. Of course, the guys peek! And, of course, the pledges discover them peeking! Directed by: Keith Warn Starring: Stacy Oliver, Kevin Wortman, Kelly Kraegel This sorority girls video from Alabama is unbelievable. The Alpha Phi recruitment video had more than , views in the first week alone. Here's why. lifestyle The university society recruitment video we can't quite believe is real. Grace Jennings-Edquist. August 17, imfperu.comted Reading Time: 3 mins Sorority hazing is not always a "girls only" event: frat bros are sometimes thrown into the mix. "We had one night of hazing in the process of finding out who our Bigs were," says one anonymous collegiette. "It involved a lot of drinking and activities led by frat brothers, including sexual quizzes and beer pong."

Given the previous two rules before this one, this really comes as no surprise that alcohol is not to be consumed at any sorority event except maybe formals which are hosted by fraternities, but those don't technically count as sorority events.

Sorority events involve networking among the chapter members and charity events.

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This is when the spotlight is directly on all members and they must act like respectable ladies at all times. Alcohol consumption blurs your thought process and impairs your judgement and therefore more likely to say and do something stupid.

Sorority Girls from Hell with Lois Bromfield from Television Parts (1985)

While this rule makes for the best and proper behavior among members, let us reiterate that those rules do not apply to fraternities. If underage girls are discouraged to drink than underage boys should be too.

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September is the month where many sororities celebrate "Purity Month" as a means to get closer to each other and form bonds with their fellow sisters. While many other college freshmen indulge in the hedonism of partying, hooking up and excessive drinking, sorority girls are focused on embracing the rule of "no bars, no booze and no boys. Yet again, these are a set of restrictions that apply to Greek women but not Greek men.


They sacrifice a part of their freedom in the name of purity and they are expected to uphold while their male counterparts are doing keg stands and waking up hungover the next morning. Just another rule to follow if you want to be part of the quote, unquote "sisterhood.

Unlike the living situations of many college dorms and apartments, slobs and girls who don't clean up after themselves are seriously frowned upon when it comes to being in a sorority.

You are viewed as someone who isn't respecting the living communal space of herself and others around her if you are someone who has a hard time staying on top of chores. Luckily, the sorority girls usually work out a system of who does what at which designated time so that no one gets stuck with all of the responsibilities.

Girls who are not pulling their weight usually find themselves in trouble with other chapter members because they are creating a burden for the others that live in the house.

Being in a sorority teaches you domestic skills as a housekeeper.

It is customary that frat boys usually ask sorority girls to attend their formals, but the ladies can ask the guys to be their dates when their time for their formal comes around. This is like a prom but it is planned for something year olds (or year olds) where you get Estimated Reading Time: 12 mins 10 Shocking Sorority Hazing Stories. TOP 10 TV. Sec. De Lima, nabahalang kaalyado ng kanyang Sorority ang Fraternity na nadawit sa umano'y hazing. GMA News. Frat library likely scene of Castillo hazing. PTVPhilippines. High School Hazing (Social Studies: Teen Issues) [ Download] High School Hazing (Social The latest tweets from @SquatSorority

Being a part of a sorority is like having a relationship with a single entity even though each member is part of something that is greater than themselves. Much like being a part of a sports team, the group organization requires that you invest not just your money, but the time into its various charity events and philanthropic initiatives.

KANSAS University cheerleaders were made to strip naked during a "humiliating" initiation ceremony. New recruits were blindfolded, stuffed into a washing machine and cardboard boxes, before Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins

The more time that you put in, the more that you rise into the ranks of leaderships. It will be frowned upon if you are one of those sorority girls that only shows up to fun time events but then neglects to put the work into setting the whole event up in the first place. Understandably, there are other obligations college students have like say studying or work.

Being a part of a sorority means that you have to make it a priority. During Fall Recruitment, potential recruits must acknowledge the "Week of Silence" during Rush. This time of silence is a period when potential new sorority or fraternity members can take time and contemplate their decision to pledge their allegiance to the organization without any influence of established Greek members.

The Greek Council rules state that no member of a sorority or a fraternity could discuss insider Greek matters with any potential new members during Rush Week. This time when new recruits and members don't communicate much with each other is designed to leave room for objective reflection to ensure that they are making the right decision to join the sorority or fraternity.

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This seems like a fair rule to follow that makes it comfortable for both new members and established members to accept the new additions. And while American sororities have long been associated with straight, white, heterosexual ideals of femininity, the Alpha Phi recruitment video takes those stereotypes to a whole new level.

The overall effect of the video, which racked upvideo in its first week alone, is Mean Girls - meets-tampon-ad. Because it shows the ridiculous, intensely restrictive ideals some young women feel pressured to fulfill - even inand even within a relatively competitive educational institution.

Students at a Chino school were accused of sexually hazing other students in a classroom that was not supervised by a teacher. Some of the incident was caught on video at Don Lugo High School A girl who was pictured naked surrounded by a group of men during spring break has been identified as a year-old. The image which surfaced online on March 11 caused concern among law REVEALED: Threesomes, snog an Uber driver and drink a bong, the shocking sexual and drugs tasks that sorority girls were forced to do on 'scavenger hunt' that got it banned from campus

As writer AL Bailey pointed out on AL. comthe video is also striking for what it lacks: racial diversity. While the student body of the University of Alabama is 12 percent African-American, every single girl shown in the video - 72 in total, according to AL. com - appears to be Caucasian. Your hair needs to be able to hold for 15 hr days and hairspray crunchy or limp hair is not acceptable.

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Read more about that here. To study here, you must wear Spanx and have perfect eyebrows.

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