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This would not be easy. The Principal turned the paperwork on his desk for Miss Watson to read. Having done so, she nodded to confirm that the punishment described was the punishment on the sheet.

  I could envision two ways to make spanking normal again. The first is, as I mentioned to start, with a real change in the culture in understanding the order of the home, and the man's authority. That would not indicate an immediate broad acceptance of spanking, but a broad acceptance of the man's real authority   Parents Caught Spanking Children on Audiotape Real Time. The study, "Real Life Mother-Child Interaction in the Home," was conducted over   A letter home with a warning - more late arrivals, and we will use Corporal Punishment. Or a formal School Detention (which usually also features Corporal Punishment). So she runs. Already late, but lets not make it egregiously so. Still needs to sign in late, though. And modern electronic systems, those who need to know, know

Thank you. Miss Watson is here to witness the punishment and ensure that it is administered fairly and properly. Alice had initialled where she had been shown, and tried to smile at Miss Watson, but her nerves made it fail until it was almost a grimace. The Principal had opened a drawer in the desk, and had drawn out a long paddle, with rounded ends and solid handle at one end.

A triple whipping is coming.

Bend forward, bending the waist, and put your elbows on the desk, lay your arms and hands flat on the desk.

She watched as the girl shuffled back slightly, to make her bottom stick out further, accentuating the curves filling the tightening jeans. Miss Watson leaned to check the position was a requested, noticing the narrowing gap as the legs converged.

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She glanced at the curve of the breasts, accentuated by the posture, and unseen by the principal. He took the paddle back, and then swung. Not violently, but definitely firmly. Alice gd. The impact pushed her forwards, and she then buckled downwards to deal with the pain.

Again the swing. Miss Watson noted the grimace on her face as she again bent under the pain being driven into her. The Fourth swat brought another yell, and the grimace was clear and large. The girl was also clearly fighting back tears, and breathing fast if lightly.

The Crack was definitely louder this time. She buckled again under the impact, bending her legs before standing up, wriggling the bottom. He walked back round the desk, sitting down and placing the paddle to one side, in front of the girl.

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He looked into her face, seeing the tears there. Miss Watson watched as the girl, wincing as she did so, gently lowered herself onto the hardness of the chair, tenderly sitting forward to relieve the weight pressing down on her bottom.

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The Principal made a few more notes on the paperwork, signing and dating the punishment administered. Taking it back, he passed it to Miss Watson, who read through it again, and then signed to confirm that the punishment had been administered as recorded. Many people are taught in this culture to never strike a woman, or to make her cry, but if you see the value in marital discipline, you are obviously prepared to dismiss this cultural attitude.

One thing you need to know is that tears are a natural, and good part of her experience of punishment. Do not fear them. Continue to spank her while she cries, and until you are satisfied you have delivered an appropriate punishment. A woman being spanked and lectured by her husband will cry for various reasons. She may cry over feeling ashamed she had to bare herself and had her behavior criticized, even by words alone. She may cry because she truly feels bad over her behavior, and over letting her husband down.

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Ideally, they should be sincere tears of regret. A woman may also cry over the pain of a spanking, especially if she is new to it, or over a desire to be close to her man who now has her in a frustrating position and is not showing her affection.

She wishes she could be close to him and please him again.

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She may long for his arms, and his acceptance. A woman may also burst into tears over whatever stress or worries built up in her soul that week, and now, in the incredible loss of control, and the forceful chastisement, all her stress is coming out of her. Whatever the reason, crying is often good for a woman, and is usually a good sign during a spanking. It is a sign you are definitely getting through to her, both body and soul, which is exactly what you want.

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You are working on her mind and heart with your wordsand at the same time delivering a message deep inside her through the spanking.

Both of those can bring her tears. Continue to spank until you reach the point of desired severityand of seeing regret on her part.

You can see the girls waiting for the cane outside his office every Friday afternoon. They stand facing the wall with their hands on their heads. It is very sad for them, and I remember the feeling in my stomach while waiting there. When Mr Williams calls me in, and I have gone in, he will shut the door   Spanking works in many homes, but may not work for everyone. It is for a husband to use to correct his wife, since he is the head of the home. I don't believe spankings need to be frequent, although in the case she is just learning to be submissive,   Ally McBeal M/f spanking with hairbrush. A woman with long blonde hair receives a surprise spanking from her boyfriend. She gets very upset by it. Barbie Rapunzel Tower Dollhouse with Bedroom, Kitchen Long Hair! Hairbrush Straightener! | How To Straighten Your Hair With An ELECTRIC Hairbrush! | Before & After!Author: Rodspared

You should see a softness to your words and to your will. You do not stop any earlier or later because of tears.

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During the harsher punishments, I will surely continue quite some time with hard smacks to the bottom after the tears begin. She will be quivering, in tears, and breathing heavily by the end. If she is having a truly hard time with the correction, you may pause and speak with her, to assure her of your love as you correct her.

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You may assure her things will be okay and she is always your treasure. But you do not end the spanking. That willingness to do what is painful in the moment, for the sake of building her up in the long run, is a part of love.

This is the same woman you think highly of, and speak highly of. It is the same woman you talk with, laugh with, and kiss fondly.

Emma was set lines on "I must not tease and provoke the other girls", which she looked rather shocked at. Even so, Mr Evans had said, slapping her was not a suitable or appropriate reaction. And so I was brought to the Headmaster's Office. He was in a meeting, but I   "Would you step in here, please, Miss Watson. I need you as a witness". The door had opened, and the Principal had stepped out to speak to the School Secretary in the outer office. She knew what would soon be taking place, and took a moment to try to recall the student who was currently Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins 2 days ago  Ok, there is a story: I am 14, I promised I'll back to home from a New Year Part a 1 a. m. I was at home much later, something like 6 a. m. My mum and dad went crazy, mainly because I didn't answer when they were calling. Not my fault, there was loud music, i

You are taking her down a peg to lift her up. She has learned she cannot rebel, and she has learned the consequences of her wrong. She has learned how completely she is in your hands, and how she needs to follow your lead.

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Many would be sad to see a woman spanked to tears, and sobbing deeply, but it is great healing in the long run. For her and for your marriage. After the spanking, and after she calms down, she will be more at peace.

Have an idea from the start of what the spanking should be like and stick to it.

Spanking girls home

Be careful to see when you have taken her to the point of contrition, and softness to you. It is your decision how long and hard the spanking needs to be. Do not be moved by tears. Like Like.

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After I initially commented I seem to have clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and from now on each time a comment is added I recieve 4 emails with the exact same comment.

Is there a way you are able to remove me from that service? Many thanks! I am not very tech-savvy. Sort Girls First Guys First. This is funny.

It IS all your fault that you didn't get home on time, the music was too loud? Are you kidding me? Your parents have every reason to be pissed. Take your punishment and shut up about it.

And you are too old to be spanked, that is stupid to even suggest that. Learn from your mistakes and be responsible. Kur?? Guru. This is comedy gold. No, you should not ask your parents to spank you instead, you are only going to reinforce the idea that grounding you was an efficient form of punishment.

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PondyPand Master. The fact you want a spanking is why they're punishing you differently. Don't be a fucking retard and disobey and be stupid, and you won't get punished.

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Zama6 Xper 6. just say them sorry with you deep hearts and do things what they want they won't spank you. they are your parents they love love for sure they will forgive you. Sexylover1 Xper 2. I'd spank and ground you.

Think of how worried they was.

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Not cool! HereIbe Guru. Idunno, teen girl asking for spanking? Sounds kind of perverted. Ok now I know you're trolling, on your previous you said your grounding had ended the other day so you're just making all this up for attention. codycccccccccc Yoda. You have the shittyist parents on earth. HeyThere94 Yoda. I found the troll ??????. interstellar Xper 7.

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